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I've been a member of the CBB since 2004 (how on EARTH has it been ten years?!) and I've been a drabbler more or less from the off. 

I will, over the course of the next few months, be posting various of my stories here. I'm not sure if I'll be reposting ALL my stories here - just the ones that are "active".

At the moment, that means two series of stories:

1) A Woman Alone
What if Jack Maynard had died in Highland Twins - covers (with differences!) the books Barbara to Kenya
There's three stories (planned) in this series
-A Woman Alone (complete)
-A Woman With Friends (ready to begin posting)
-A Woman Triumphant (planned)

2) Francie to the Fore
Francie Wilford's last two years at school - weaves in and out of the books from Feud to Redheads
There's five long stories plus a number of short stories in this series
-Mercy to Forgive (short story; complete)
-Francie to the Fore (long story; complete; covers the events of Feud)
-Mistletoe and Wine (long story; complete)
-Difficulties for Francie (long story; in progress; covers the events of Triplets)
-[untitled] (long story; planned; covers the events of Jane)
-The Conversation (short story)
-[untitled] (long story; planned; covers the events of Redheads)
-Francie - an Epilogue (short-ish story)

I will keep this list updated as things progress.

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