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Constance Maynard, well-known author who had penned many books over the past fifty-odd years, was staring at her laptop screen trying to get her chapter just right. Her eyes drifted to the clock, whick said it was 13:00.

"Argle-bargle-bargle," she said, and left the room. She decided she would go for a walk, that might get her brain working.


Jack Lambert was busy fixing a car in a garage when her colleague left to do some minor task. Now she was alone she could finally test out the gizmo on her wrist. She had been working on it for ages, and now it was time for a proper test.

Had she known what was about to transpire, she might have at least waited until the garage was closed.


The haggard old crone was berating the foolhardy young protagonists. The audience looked on the scene, completely immersed, when all of a sudden a bright light appeared on the stage.

"What is this devilry?!" the old crone barked, keeping completely in character.

The light dissipated, leaving a woman who was covered with oil and holding a spanner behind.

"Who are you?" the crone asked. "This is a private family matter; you have no business here. Begone!"

"...Jane?" the mechanic asked, squinting at the crone.

"Who is this Jane you speak of? You're spoiling the carpet. Begone, begone!"

The crone started waving her walking stick around. She accidentally tapped the mechanic just as the bright light started to appear again, and when it had blown out the second time, both the old woman and the mechanic were gone.

The reviews from this performance gave 11/10, citing the "fantastically amazing special effects."


"Okay, Jack, what's going on?" Jane Carew asked. "You magically appear on stage, and now it's midday and we've suddenly appeared on some hills. I look ridiculous in this outfit."

Jack bit her tongue as she took in Jane's full appearance. "I made a teleportation device," Jack said. "And it appears to have gone slightly awry."

"This is slightly awry?!"

"Yes, but at least it's a time machine..."

"Where are we anyway?"

"I do not know."

"We should start walking," Jane said. "We'll probably find somebody who can tell us. Come along darling."

Jack refrained from grumbling and they set off. They chatted amicably for a good time about their lives until...

"Con!" Jack exclaimed.

Jack and Jane quickened their pace as they headed towards Con, who was quite oblivious to their presence. She could not ignore it, however, when a mysterious light started to form.


"So your teleporter went wrong and now it's a chilly evening in London," Con summed up.

"It's still a time machine,"

"Vi Lucy,"

"What?" Jack said.

"Over there, that's Vi Lucy,"

As Con went over with Jack and Jane in tow, a light started to shine...


"So about fifty people randomly appeared during your lecture with the second years today, is that correct?"

"Yes. I knew some of them from my old school, and there was Phil Craven as well, and they all seemed to know each other too."

"Phil Craven, huh? Didn't you say she was your rival?"

"She is. Don't worry, she couldn't refute anything I was saying on groups. But it was a bit awkward with fifty-odd people suddenly appearing like that."

"Okay Tina, I'll come right over. They said it was a teleportation device gone awry, is that correct?"

"That is."

"Leave it to me."

The call was concluded and Professor Tina Harms looked to the group of people. "So where's the device?" she asked Samaris Davies, who was quite close by.

"Jack!" Sam called over the hoard of people.

Jack shuffled to the outskirts of the crowd.

"Where's the teleportation device?"

"Oh, it's still around my wrist," Jack said.

"Didn't you even think to take it off?" Tina asked.

Jack reddened and shuffled her feet. "Well..."

"Honestly," Tina said.

Jack took the device off and laid it on one of the nearby desks.

"I promise I'll never make a malfunctioning teleportation device again," Jack said.

"See that you don't,"


After all of the commotion was dealt with and everyone sent home, Tina turned to her colleague, James.

"I need a drink," she said.

"Come along then. I'll buy," James said.

As they were walking to the nearest pub, James thought of something. "That device, though, was ingenious. I wonder if it would be something to research,"

"Don't you start," Tina said.


And yet, the very next day, the device was prodded into becoming the university's secret time machine. It was actually rather fun.

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