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Tuesday 20th December 1949
The younger ones were playing downstairs whilst Sybil sat in her bedroom. Aunty Joey had told her to be a brave girl whilst her family were in Canada for an extra six months but she was finding it hard so far. It was hard to put on a brave face.

She had heard the song 'Baby It's Cold Outside'. Sybil definitely agreed. She didn't want to be in the cold outside – she wanted to be in the warm with her thoughts, melancholy as they were.

She loved her family but missed them like crazy. She also knew her family loved her and the Toronto air was really helping Josette. She just wanted her family right here, right now. Otherwise she wanted to be with them.

Wednesday 21st December 1949
Joey was worried about Sybil. Sybil had seemed happier after she found out her family was staying an extra year in Canada. Joey realised that the Christmas season was upsetting Sybil. Joey had tried talking to Sybil but she wasn't getting anywhere.

Thursday 22nd December 1949
The post had been and Sybil was very happy! The postman had brought a letter from her family. It said that they were all missing her and wanted to see her when they returned the next summer. All the children had included a letter. (She strongly suspected that Kevin and Kester had had a lot of 'help' with their letter!) They were all so personal and lovely. She would rather be with them but having their letters here to read was the next best thing! She must go and tell Aunty Joey!

Saturday 24th December 1949
Joey could see that the letter had cheered Sybil up. It had cheered her up on the day and she continued to smile with her eyes as well as her mouth. Now that her niece was happy it made Joey happy as well. Christmas wouldn't be the same without her sister, Margot and the other family but members but they would make this a lovely Christmas.

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