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Author's Chapter Notes:

Credit goes to Beecharmer for coming up with FileSpace.

"I've finally decided on what to do with you,"

Naomi looked through clear blue eyes at her father, stock still. She didn't even move to brush the stray black hairs out of the way of her eyes. "Yes, Father?" she asked.

"It has taken a lot of thought, of course..."

"Yes Father."

"...but in the end I decided that I would send you to boarding school."

"Yes Father." Naomi's voice wobbled slightly as she said this.

"The Chalet School has an excellent reputation, for both academic and non-academic subjects. I am sending you to the larger branch, which is on the west coast of Wales."

"Y-yes, Father."

"I do warn you that if your behaviour doesn't improve, I will send you to the other branch instead, and that is in Switzerland. I'm sure you don't want to go there."

"No, Father."

"Here is the prospectus, I suggest you read it. That is all."

"Yes, Father." Naomi took a second to grab the prospectus before rushing out of the study. She ran to her bedroom, slammed the door, flung herself on the bed, and cried her heart out.

He didn't want her any more. That was the plain stark truth of it, had to be. He didn't love her any more and so he was going to send her to some stupid faraway school that was going to be full of horrid snobs who had lots of money and look down on her because she didn't have the latest things...

Naomi heard her bedroom door open. "Go away," she said.

"Play with me or I'll tell Dad you were mean to me."

She should have known it was her nasty little brother. "I don't care what you do, now piss off!"

"What's this?"

Naomi looked up to see her brother holding the prospectus her father had given to her. "None of your business, Adam Duncan Goldsmith!" she said, snatching it from his hands and throwing it beside her.

"You're crying, aren't you?" Adam said with glee. He started chanting, "Naomi's a big crybaby, Naomi's a big crybaby!"

Naomi grabbed her pillow and threw it at him, hitting him square in the face. "Ew, it's wet!" he said.

Naomi pick her pillow up from where it had landed. "Get out of my room," she said.

Adam looked at the pillow, and finally left. Naomi plopped back down on her bed with a sigh. Adam didn't have to go to some stupid boarding school - he was going to the high school she'd been attending for the past two years. Where her friends were...

What would Hannah and Matt say when she told them where she was going? She'd have to tell them, and as soon as possible. What should she say? "My awful father is gonna send me to some boarding school 'cause he hates me"? She couldn't say that, but she could tell them right now.

Naomi moved to her desk and opened up her laptop. Soon she was staring at a blank email draft trying to figure out what to write. She started typing.

"Hanners, Matty-boy,

Just to lest you know that I won't be at Martin Andrews anymore. I'm being sent to some boarding school instead. I hope we can keep on emailing, though - you guys are the best.

Hope your holidays are going well. Maybe see you guys at xmas?

All the best,


Naomi hit 'Send' then tabbed over to FileSpace. She didn't want to tell everyone, not yet anyway, but she could see what her mates were up to. And correct her age now she was 13 - like anyone ever payed attention to that rule.

A sudden wave of curiosity gripped her, and she searched 'Chalet School.' A number of results came back; a page, a number of groups such as 'Chalet School Parents' and 'Teachers of the Chalet School' and 'I'll always be a Chalet School girl', and a number of posts mentioning the Chalet School including another Chalet School in Swindon. Remembering something, she turned back to her bed and grabbed the prospectus.

It was split into two parts: Interlaken (Naomi presumed this was the Switzerland branch) and Carnbach. Naomi skimmed through the Switzerland part and was instantly glad she wasn't going there, she could barely manage one language and they had to speak in three different languages.

The Carnbach part she read more thoroughly, and was thankful to see that the three languages dictum from the Switzerland part was not in here. All in all it seemed to be a pretty cool school, if only the pupils would be nice. Naomi's experiences with the boys from a nearby private school had not been encouraging.

She felt a buzzing in her pocket and took her phone out. She had an email from Hannah.

"Nayo, that's such a shame! You already missed out on loads of stuff the end of last year, now this!! your father is an idiot! Can't tou get him to change his mind??? School just won't be the same without you! Of course you cn email me - you'd better tell mee everything that goes on!

My Holidays are going Superb!..."

The rest of the email was news to save for later. Naomi frowned at the mention of the end of last year - she'd rather not think about that. Then she smiled - her friend's punctuation was going from bad to worse. It was like Hannah thought in exclamation points - the inside of her brain must be a shout-fest of epic proportions.

"Naomi, dinner is ready," Father said through the bedroom door. "I heard you were mean to your little brother? That sort of thing just won't do, which is why I'm sending you to the Chalet School. But it does not matter now. Go wash yourself and come downstairs. We're going to be busy the next few days getting you ready."

Naomi sighed and exited her room.


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