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“You may begin," said the new History mistress to Inter V.

Just as Inter V picked up their pens to begin writing their controlled assessment the door burst open and Matron appeared. "Ah, Miss Svelnyte, I'm afraid Len Maynard must come with me. Her dressing table is a mess and she must tidy it at once."

Len reluctantly rose to her feet.

"I'm sorry Matron," said Miss Svelnyte firmly, "But Len has just begun her controlled assessment, which makes up 25% of her final grade. She needs to stay here."

Len froze, and the class stopped writing and looked up in horror. Clearly the new History mistress had not been warned about Matron.

Matron glared at the new mistress, "Len will come now and tidy her dressing table," she said firmly.

Lesser people had wilted under Matron's firm tones and evil glare. The new History mistress however, was made of sterner stuff. "No," she replied, matching glare for glare, "I have been asked to ensure that results improve. To make sure this happens all students will be completing their controlled assessment in my room now. Len will tidy her dressing table during her break. I am sure you agree that it is a more suitable punishment for her to lose her break, rather than fail her History exam."

Matron was flabbergasted. As were Inter V.

"You may leave," said the new History mistress, "Oh, and Matron?"

Matron turned a pale face to the new mistress.

"Please don't ever disturb my lessons unless it is a genuine medical emergency, and castor oil doesn't count as medical emergency."

To the amazement of the girls, Matron turned and left. She was never seen again.

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