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Kathie looked up at her lover's house as that lady led her up the garden path. It was awfully big. She couldn't help feeling a little nervous - especially since she knew that most of Nancy's brothers were married, and had children. She shuddered involuntarily, and Nancy slipped an arm around her waist.

"It'll be all right, darling." she said reassuringly. "They're the best siblings one could wish for, and I'm sure you'll get on with them like a house on fire."

"Let's just hope it's not this house." Kathie sighed, and Nancy let go of her waist, for they had reached the front door, and a deputation of teenage girls had gathered to greet them. Kathie smiled. This was - hopefully - going to be all right. Teenage girls, she could cope with.


Introductions were made over dinner. Nancy had five brothers and a sister, and all were married, and parents. There were old Mr. and Mrs. Wilmott, and all Nancy's nieces and nephews as well. Kathie found it surprisingly easy to remember each name - evidently formfuls of girls had given her good practice. She used a technique Ruth Derwent had taught her: find a quirk for each girl that will help you match her name to her face - for example, Bluebell had bright eyes exactly the colour of the flower for which she had been named, and Scott was red-headed. Those of the children who were old enough made engaging conversation, and the ones who weren't were really quite sweet.

It wasn't until after dinner that Nancy's sister Hilda arrived, though.

"Hello, our Nance!" she beamed. "Still as podgy as ever, then!"

Kathie bristled, but Nancy seemed unaffected as she briefly embraced her sister.

"Yes - I'm unlikely to become anything else!" she smiled.

"And who's this?" asked Hilda, gesturing to Kathie with a funny twinkle in her eye.

"This is my...friend, Kathie." said Nancy guardedly.
Hilda looked from Kathie to Nancy, and back again. They followed her gaze uncomfortably.

"You do know, I've known for years, Nancy." she said with a grin, laughing at their horrified expressions. "If that's what makes you happy, then I'll support you with that." She turned to Kathie. "Look after my sister."

Kathie looked fondly over at her lover. "I will. I promise."

They spent all evening talking about the School - not the work, just the funny stories provided by both students and staff. Hilda was wittily funny, sharing memories of her own days at St. Scholastika's - aided and abetted by Nancy. Kathie couldn't remember ever laughing so much in her life. The next two weeks were going to fly by.

And, when Kathie came through the connecting door into Nancy's room for a last word, the first thing her loved said to her was:

"See? Was that so bad?"
Chapter End Notes:
I don't really have all that much to say, but I just wanted to write a story where Nancy's sister is nice. I did this in half an hour, so forgive typos. There will be no further Kathie and Nancy from me.

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