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“Yes dear” distracted whilst reading a newspaper.

“I’ve had an idea.”

Cautious eyes rose to just above the level of the paper. “What?” warily.

“We need to do something together.”

“We work together, we live together, we eat together, we…”

“Yes, yes, I know.” Interrupted Kathie hastily, “but I really mean with other people.”

“You mean like the gym? “Nancy asked with growing interest.

“Well, yes,no,not quite like that.”

“Well what? “Nancy said deflated.

“How about joining a drama group together?”

For a moment Nancy was speechless then “A what?”

“Drama club.”

“Where they put on plays and stuff.” Nancy said slowly.

“Yes. “Kathie said eagerly.

“You already produce the school nativity play, isn’t that a bad enough experience for you already?”

“That’s only because Joey writes them and they are awful. I mean a proper club with proper plays, like Shakespeare. “Nancy winced at this. “We’ll meet new people, make new friends.”

“So you want us to join a drama club?”


“Despite the fact that I cannot act?”


“Despite the fact that I have no interest in drama?”


“Well, what can possibly go wrong then. “Nancy said.


“Wonderful timing” gushed the producer of the drama club” We are auditioning next week for our new production, “A Midsummers Night’s Dream.”

Kathie quoted a line at him “Ay me! for aught that ever I could read,

 Could ever hear by tale or history,

 The course of true love never did run smooth”

His eyes lit up” Excellent, I see you know it.” Kathie nodded enthusiastically. “Have you had any acting experience?”

 “No..ow”at a nudge from Kathie “Yes, we’ve done some acting for Eleanore to help her write her essays”

“What plays?”

“Romeo and Juliet.”

“Oh, excellent, good, good, what part did you play?” to Kathie.


“Ah, right, good, and you?” to Nancy.


The producer politely kept his gaze away from Nancy’s generous, more mature figure.

“I got a nice costume for that but Matron took it away.” Nancy said sadly.

“Oh, right. “slowly, confused. “Anything else?”


“Err Kathie, that didn’t go down too…owww” at a nudge from her beloved.

“Well that’s good as well, your friend likes Shakespeare.”

“Not when she has to write about it.” muttered Nancy getting a glare from Kathie.

“Right, well, here is a list of the characters available, and some script copies. If you are interested learn a couple of speeches for the characters and we will hear you next week at the auditions.”

Kathie flicked through the list as Nancy drove home.” I could be Titania.”

“Wasn’t she the queen?” Nancy queried” Always saw her as tall and stately myself” earning a hurt look from Kathie “Not that you are short of course, my darling”

“There’s a character called Bottom.” Nancy said later with a smile.

“Yes, he’s the buffoon.”

“I like his name.” Nancy grinned. “What does he do?”

“He changes into part ass, he can enter the fairy world, and the fairy queen falls in love with him.”

“And the fairy queen is Tatania?”

“Yes, she is.”

“Hmm, interesting, I’ve always wanted a queen to fall in love with me.” Nancy said, her eyes twinkling with mirth.

“No, Nancy.” Kathie protested.

“But why not, you wanted me to be interested?” Nancy said looking hurt.

Kathie sighed.” Perhaps we should just watch the first time.”

“Well, if you are sure” Nancy hid a grin from behind her newspaper as she settled happily by the fire.




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