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Story Notes:

My very first recent attempt at writing. My daughter challenged to write and post something, no matter how short. This is pretty short.

Author's Chapter Notes:




Con and Ted were talking happily together; unaware of the envious eyes watching them. 


The watcher sighed quietly and sadly to herself, knowing in her heart that these feelings were pointless. No matter how deep they were she must not and could not act upon them. Her close relationship with the two meant that she must step away from the thoughts. Her heart rebelled, she didn't want to but she could not try to come between two people who meant so much to her. 


She had waited patiently for the right moment to declare her feelings, only for it to be too late. Perhaps her love would have been refused anyway, Con and Ted were right for each other, so obviously in love. For her to have been rejected would have been worse, even unbearable, at least this way she could still dream, and perhaps even hope just a little. Hoping hurt, but she could not help doing it. 


She sighed again, before turning to greet her two friends, a bright smile masking the pain in her heart. Hopefully one day she would find someone else to love, someone who would also love her. Until then she could only wait and dream, and yes, hope.


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