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Story Notes:

A misunderstanding, a little jealousy and 2+2=5.

Ted was roaming the streets, ignoring the pouring rain, head down, hands in pockets. She had been walking for what seemed like hours, her mind numb, not registering where she was.

She felt her heart was breaking, the person she loved was seeing someone else. She had seen them together, laughing, talking.

“What’s wrong Ted” Len had asked earlier “You seem upset?”

“There’s nothing wrong” Ted Had said sharply “Not with me anyway”

“What do you mean, have I done something wrong?”

“You should know” Ted snapped.

“What have I done? “Len asked genuinely puzzled”Ted, love. What have I done?”

“Love! Can you still use that word” Ted asked her temper flaring.

Len looked hurt and upset “I love you, with all my heart”

“Then why are you seeing someone else behind my back” Ted cried in pain.

“What? Ted, I’m not, why would I do that? “Len asked tears in her eyes. She went to hug Ted, but Ted pulled away, the look in Len’s eyes hurt but she could not stop.

“I saw you, I saw you both”

“When, where, Ted, tell me” Len pleaded tears running down her cheeks “I swear I am not seeing anyone else, darling I love you too much.”

For a moment Ted was indecisive, Len was honest, but then pain took over “I saw you, I saw you in the park, you were laughing together”

Len went pale “I was in the park, with Gill, but I’m not seeing her, she is a classmate and is doing something for me”

“I’ll bet “snarled Ted.

“Damn it Ted” Lens temper finally emerged “I don’t want anyone else, you are my life, why won’t you believe me?”

“I saw you, I saw you” Ted cried, it got too much for her and she walked out of the house, leaving a stunned and shaken Len behind.

“I love you, only you” Len whispered sinking into a chair.

Ted, trudging in the rain, had seen no one in a long time, then she recognised a soaking figure walking towards her “Len?”

Len faced up to her” I have been looking for you for ages “rain mixing with the tears.

“You are soaking” Ted said, concern in her voice.

“So are you, you idiot” Len exclaimed “Come home with me please “She put her hands on Teds shoulders and gently kissed her” I love only you, with my heart, my soul, my being, only you”

Ted stared at her, then hugged her fiercely” I’m sorry, I’m sorry “she whispered over and over, “I love you so much”

“Then let’s go home and sort this out, I’m cold."

Instantly Ted was anxious “You are soaked”

“I know, let’s just go home, it’s not far”

At home Ted said “Get in the shower, I’ll warm your pyjamas and put the kettle on”

“Ted, the shower is big enough for two “Len said gently “We are both cold, come with me” Ted nodded silently and followed her.

When they were tucked up in a warm bed, hot drinks beside them Len said “Ted, what was that about?”

“Saw you with someone” Ted whispered

“And made 5 out of it?”


“Gill is a classmate; she is straight with a very nice fiancée she loves very much. We are planning a surprise for someones’ birthday”

Ted looked horrified “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry “she whispered brokenly.

Len took her into her arms “I love you, never doubt it”

“I’m so sorry” Ted could only whisper again. Len held her whilst she cried. The next morning she was still held tightly in her arms.

Len opened sleepy eyes and smiled at her “hello”

Ted looked ashamed, then Len gently but firmly kissed her “Stop it, just let it go”


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