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The extensive grounds of the estate sloped gradually upwards until Ruth reached a five-bar gate set into the white-painted iron fence and slipped out past the notice that said "Chalet School, Private". Beyond that there were no more trees and the ground sloped much more sleeply towards the summit of Rumsford Hill, which rose to 1148 feet.

Ruth set off up the path, which took a fairly direct route up the open grassy slopes. There were three rustic wooden shelters, at about each third of the way to the top. The rain was still pouring down, and initially she took care climbing on the slippery muddy path. It was a longish way though, and she began to worry about getting back in time for tea, therefore hurrying a bit more. Too much in fact, for about half way up the girl fell flat on her face in the mud. After swearing profusely, she picked herself up and eventually reached the summit which was a largish plateau with a prehistoric earthwork at the centre. She was completely soaked with chattering teeth, it would obviously be quite insane to roll anywhere so Ruth just placed a stone in the small cairn. On a clear day, the view was quite extensive, but there was far too much cloud and she rapidly set off downwards. The rain seemed to have set in for the day, so her progress was rather slow, in order to avoid any more slips.

Meanwhile Lesley had quickly reached the swimming pool, which was surrounded only with some paving stones and a locked changing room. It would soon be drained for the winter, there was no cover at all. She considering chickening out, but was a bit scared of Ruth even though no-one was there to verify anything. Therefore she walked to the end of the springy diving board which was quite high above the water, hesitating a while before launching off it.
Unfortunately in her anxiety, Lesley only managed a painful belly flop into the chilly water, and was briefly winded before swimming and climbing out, even more sodden than Ruth. She rushed back towards the house.

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