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Story Notes:
The stupid woman that I currently have as an English teacher was talking about stories today (which, in itself, is a very long rant) and about modern day stories. She claimed that a romance cannot be told via, for example, a social media profile. I know I already have "How to Use the Internet" on the go, but, I don't know about you guys, but that sound to me like a challenge!
9th July 1932 20:07

Jo Bettany has joined FileSpace.

Jo Bettany goes to the Chalet School.

Jo Bettany is: Cooey! Anybody home?

Jo Bettany is: Okay, I have no idea how to use this thing!

Jo Bettany is friends with Madge Russell, Marie von Eschenau, Frieda Mensch, Jem Russell and Simone Lecoutier

Jo Bettany is: Hello everyone! Does anybody know how to use FileSpace?

Reply from Madge Russell: It is pretty difficult to explain, Joey, you seem to have got the essentials, in other words, posting, so I suggest that you do what I did and just pick it up as you go along.

Reply from Jo Bettany: OK, thanks very much, Madge. That really cleared things up.

Reply from Madge Russell: Cheeky girl!

Reply from Jem Russell: Well, you did bring her up... She takes after her sister!

Madge Russell sent a punch to Jem Russell.

Jem Russell sent a kick to Madge Russell.

Madge Russell is ignoring Jem Russell.

Jem Russell sent flowers to Madge Russell.

Madge Russell sent a kiss to Jem Russell.

Jo Bettany is: When you two have QUITE finished! Go and have your fight on your own wall, that was too soppy for words! I feel quite sick!

Frieda Mensch, Marie von Eschenau and Simone Lecoutier all "Like" this status.

Simone Lecoutier sent a bucket to Jo Bettany.

Frieda Mensch and Marie von Eschenau "Like" this.
Chapter End Notes:
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