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Story Notes:

You may wish to go back a bit in the series to understand things, and if you still don't understand, it's possible that I don't either - but you can certainly ask! So take a seat and enjoy the ride.

"Scar, wake up! Wake up wake up wake up wake up!"

"Hgnnnnh?" was the approximate noise Scar made in response.

"We're going back to the Chalet today, we get to play more tricks and have midnight feasts and you can carry on kissing boys too if you like, however icky it is,"

"We kissed once," Scar replied. "Just as an experiment. It didn't work, and we weren't prepared to go any further, unlike some of the others,"

"You mean there's something further than kissing? Ewww," Vi said. Then, "How would you get something further than kissing?"

"...You're nine," Scar said. "I need to get ready; why don't you run along and make sure you're ready too?"

"Okay," Vi said, and she left.

Scar Ronaldson reflected on the past two terms as Vi left the room. The girls and staff had done everything in their power to be as un-Chaletian as possible. They had dressed in all sorts of weird and wonderful manners, they had gotten away with tricks and midnight feasts, lessons for the younger kids who didn't have exams could hardly be called lessons, some older girls had smuggled in boyfriends (leading to at least one pregnancy), other older girls had hitched up with each other, and not one stitch of needlework had been performed. And yet for all of this, the shield had not left the school alone for good. Scar and several of her co-conspirators had spent the summer thinking up new ways to break the shield once and for all, communicating over the FileSpace chat system. She was eager to put some of these into practice!

It had been mutually agreed by the students that parents should not know very much about what was really going on. The few that found that they didn't want to have a hand in fighting the shield had been advised to try to get themselves pulled out by over-anxious parents, which at least would be a help in the fight as well as getting away from it all. They had now all left.

With all of this in mind, Scar got up with the efficiency of a Chalet School girl, dressing smartly in the school uniform. It wasn't a very long while later when she found herself on a train station platform, waiting for the train to arrive.

"Mary, Jade!" Scar called, seeing those two as they arrived together on the platform.

"Hi!" the pair called.

They moved quickly and the trio chatted all about their shield-breaking plans. The train pulled up and they got in, while Vi went to join her mates in Upper II. The talk about shield-breaking plans did not cease as the trio joined up with other of their form-mates, or at least not until this exchange was made:

"Seeing as plenty of us will be Prefects, why not use that to our advantage?" Lind Moss said.

"Wait - we're going to be Prefects?!" exclaimed Nemone Walker. "Just a few days ago we were just kids getting into trouble with the Prefects all of the time!"

The whole group suddenly went quiet, finding it rather difficult to believe that they were all eligibly Prefects.

"Well, as long as it doesn't spoil all of our fun," Ameris Taylor said. "Why should we mind?"

Her twin Amelia gave her a look. "But it means that we're supposed to be the most sensible girls in the school, the ones with an ounce of common sense!" she responded.

Nemone sighed, rolling her eyes as the twins went off into one of their arguments, while the rest of the compartment contemplated Prefect life.

"Well, Scar, Jade and I have the best experience here; we've already been sub-prefects for a year," Laura Andrews said. "It's not really much to worry about, though, we promise, right, Scar, Jade?"

Scar and Jade both agreed with this. "It isn't a difficult job," Scar said. "You'll have a few Prefect duties to attend to, and your own Prefect job, of course. I will state now that Jade, as Games Prefect, has the toughest job of all of the Prefects,"

"I disagree," Jade said. "I think It's Scar who has the worst job, as Second Pree,"

"Anyway," Laura said. "Prefect-ship is not as horrible as you might expect it to be, so don't worry about it too much, guys,"

And with that, they had to be content.


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