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Author's Chapter Notes:
this was actually written by Exile, but I was asked to post it as she is otherwise engaged today.

Hotel Kron Prinz Karl

Am 2. Dezember 192*

Dear all,

The good Lord has willed it for us to have a very prosperous year here on His beautiful lake the Tiernsee. Brigette and I continue to enjoy good health. At home the business continues to go from strength to strength. This year we have had some glorious weather so that the rooms have almost always been filled and we were able to close quite late in the year. We have been able to save the money to buy a new kitchen range and to refurbish some of the bedrooms. We have hired two new staff but one is a replacement for the assistant cook Marie who has found a new job.

Marie’s new job is the result of the big talking point of the year. A new school has opened here on the Tiernsee! It is a boarding school for girls and it is run by a most remarkable young English woman called Margaret Bettany – truly she is an English lady in all senses of the world. She is accompanied by her younger sister, a most remarkable creature. Being English they are all quite proper, Miss Bettany is chaperoned by an older French lady and her brother deals with the business affairs.

Now that I think about it, most of the excitements of the year seem to be associated with this school. Of course we all wondered what would become of the old hotel and were quite nervous when we found out. Then, when the school started, there were naturally considerable excitements. One day they all went missing and it turned out that they had got stranded on the Mondscheinspitze overnight. Oh the ignorance of foreigners and their blindness to the weather.

In fairness to the English, they have managed very well with the snow and the ice. They put on quite a charming nativity play, with songs in many languages. Certainly they are more welcome than the film crew that visited in the summer and made themselves quite unpopular! They refused to see us as we are and wanted us to be something else entirely.

The winter came quite early and has so far been very cold. I have great hope that the ice will be thick enough for a carnival. I would invite you all to visit but I am afraid that we already have so many speculative bookings for such an event that we would be quite full up!

In fact I fear we may be short of room for a long time to come. It is rumoured that a tuberculosis sanatorium will be built up on the Sonnalpe – an English doctor has moved into the area and it is said that this shall be his work. I am sure that there will be objections to so many sick people living in the area but it will mean great prosperity for the Tiernsee.

Indeed it has been a most prosperous and exciting year and I hope that the future may be the same. Best wishes to you all.

Klaus Braun

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