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Author's Chapter Notes:
by Cestina

London’s East End
28th November 196x

Hello all!

You may be surprised to get a letter from me without a dolls house attached to it, but since it is nearly Christmas when I would be sending you cards anyway, and since something so extraordinary has happened – something that really all started in the good old CS - I thought I would send you a proper screed this time. One of the boys is typing it out with several carbons so you don’t have to plough through my actual scribble!

And I’ll save a few pennies on cards which is always good news. By the way, you can bundle up any unwanted cards after Christmas and send them to me, the girls in the Club love to make scrapbooks with them. Remember yours Primrose? They’re producing some really fancy stuff for our jumble sales.

Anyway, to return to our sheep. Can any of you remember as far back as the very first house I made? The one we called “Tomadit”? That elderly Countess who opened the Sale won it. She gave it to the San - good for her I say. But although she gave it away she kept track of the houses I made. Can you believe it? All those years, nearly fifteen since I made Tomadit.

Though she didn’t really get interested until Sir James Talbot won the village. He presented it to that hospital in Wales for children with TB and it turns out she’s their Patron. When she saw it she wanted to know where it had come from. When she heard it was my doing – with help from many of you of course! – she wrote to Matey to ask her to let her know what I made each year. Apparently they both rejoiced greatly when Matey won her very own house, well inn really. I’ve always been glad Matey won that one, even though she gave it to the school museum. I’ve often thought she must miss England, living abroad for so many years, and what could be more English than a pub called St George and the Dragon?

Enough of the reminiscing! Lady Erroll’s daughter is one of the Ladies in Waiting to Her Majesty the Queen. And believe it or not Princess Anne has suddenly announced that she would love to have a stable, complete with horses and accoutrements and with living quarters attached.

The Queen asked her Ladies in Waiting if they knew of anyone who could make such a thing. Lady Erroll’s daughter piped up that she knew just the person – or rather people because of course the whole Club will be involved. It’s to be a Christmas present, this year if you please, and so I had better now get on with it rather than rambling on to all of you.

But isn’t that a wonderful Christmas present for the Club and all of us involved in it? Such an honour – we almost don’t know ourselves.

Have a smashing (sorry Miss Annersley) holiday all of you and the Blessings of the Season to one and all.

Your Tom

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