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Author's Chapter Notes:
by Abi

19th December 19--

Dear friends and family,

Well, here I am again. I’m afraid Christmas is the only time I ever write to most of you - I’m not much of a letter writer in general. In addition, it hasn’t been a very interesting year, although the children have, of course, been up to all sorts of things.

Jack, happily, has finally stopped pestering us about going to the Chalet School since we told her that she wouldn’t be allowed to go if she continued the way she was going. She’s eleven in August, so we shall send her and Anne in the term after that, the Christmas term - assuming she continues not to mention it, that is! Honestly, she had become a perfect nuisance over it. Of course, not mentioning the Chalet School doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been an utter pest in other ways. Just last week she dribbled honey all over Bobby’s face while he was asleep, so that when he woke up and rubbed his face he smeared it all over himself - and subsequently over more or less everything in his room, it seems. We punished her and made her apologise, of course, but I don’t think it’s really done a lot of good. Certainly it hasn’t in the past. I’m hoping that the Chalet School will be able to sort her out, for I certainly haven’t an idea how to do it and Redfearn House doesn’t seem to either.

Bobby is doing well at school, although he is constantly getting into trouble - never for anything very bad, just mischief, but it’s terribly wearing. Gay - I think he takes after you! We don’t worry too much about him, though. He always does well in his exams and his reports are generally pretty good. Certainly his last one was; the best he’s ever had, I think (except for the part where he introduced two piglets into the school - labelled ‘one’ and ‘three’).

Anne, of course, causes us no trouble at all. She works hard at school, always gets good reports and is extremely well-behaved. I can tell you it’s a relief to have a child who not only behaves herself and works hard, but actually goes out of her way to be kind and generous to people. It makes me feel that I might not be such a terrible parent after all! On the other hand, it’s certainly less interesting than Bobby and Jack’s way of going about things.
As for their parents, we are doing well. Jacynth was actually here for the first few months of the year, which was delightful. She has been on tour for quite a large portion of the year since then, although she will be with us for Christmas. That will please the children - they love their Auntie Jacynth.

Well, I must close. We are all looking forward to Christmas here, and I hope all of you have a wonderful festive season!

Much love, Ruth Lambert

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