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Author's Chapter Notes:
This one was by ChubbyMonkey

Carn Beg,

December 1946

Dear ---

As you will know, this year has been a mixed year for our little family, with good news and bad.

To begin with the good, as this is the season of festivity! Mary-Lou has been growing at a regular pace and is now happily settled in her new school. From all that I hear – and that I am not supposed to hear – she gets into regular mischief, but is a leading light of her form and popular among the other girls. Unfortunately, she tried rather too hard when she first joined the school and was ill as a result, but she has learnt her lesson and now she works hard and plays hard too. Her results are good, and both Mrs Trelawney and I are very proud of her.

Mrs Trelawney has also had some bouts of ill health, but she continues as well as ever. This season, she has dedicated herself to knitting warm outfits for all of the babies born in the village during a colder-than-usual Christmas period whose families may not have anything suitable. She is also firmly ensconced in the WI and is working with Lady Russell on organising an afternoon of tea, cakes and nativity scenes to raise money for the church roof.

I am leading a quiet existence. I help where I can with the WI and Mrs Trelawney’s other charitable ventures. As many of you will have heard, we unfortunately lost my husband during the Murray-Cameron expedition. All of the family have been comforted by the circumstances of his death, and although he is missed greatly at this family time, we have Mary-Lou to bring cheer back into our lives. One of her school friends also had a father in the expedition, who has been able to tell us all that my husband did and saw during his travels, and how happy he was before the end.

I see that Mary-Lou is now returning from her visit today with some rather wonkily baked gingerbread, which is my summons to arrange afternoon tea.

With best wishes for a happy festive season, that you may know the love and joy of the Lord, Our Saviour.

Doris Trelawney

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