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Author's Chapter Notes:

Somewhere in England, Christmas 1942

Well Dearies,

What an exciting year it has been for us all. This war is a terrible thing but it has certainly brought some excitement hasn’t it? For Lavender and I it has brought about a total change in circumstances. We have been obliged to abandon our adventures and settle down to our war work.
I have always tried to take dear Lavender on a Grand Adventure every year but, thanks to the war, we have only been to Scotland and Wales in the past two years. The book about Wales shall be published in the spring, albeit a shorter run than normal and I shudder to think what the paper will be like. Of course one must bear one’s troubles cheerfully mustn’t one?
Late last year I found out that I was to be called up. Into the ATS thank goodness, for whilst I shouldn’t mind being a land girl or a WAAF I can hardly imagine myself in a factory. The training was rather rough (the ATS take a mixture of girls, of course some are not of the type one is used too) but it is all done now and I am at my post – somewhere in the war machine, of course I can’t tell you where. Suffice to say I look rather dashing in my uniform and my experiences are a great asset to the whole department. The Colonel said the other day that I was quite indispensable.
Lavender I have been obliged to send to boarding school. The establishment is called the Chalet School and was formerly in Austria but has since relocated to Armishire. It was recommended to me by dear Dr Marilliar who has his own girls there. Although it was formerly in Austria, the school has always been run by English women and is quite conventional in most ways. Of course it has a lot of foreign language tuition which will be a great help to Lavender in the future, she and I have already planned where we shall go after the war (of course that is another state secret).
Lavender, I am afraid, has found adjusting to school something of a trial. She has found it rather hard to get into the routine of the school and of course finds the food rather dull. She is something of a free spirit of course, and used to adult company rather than the society of girls her own age. Still, there is something to be said for her keeping girlish company for it will shield her from the worst of the war news. Of course she is getting along much better now and I have every hope she will make every success of her time at the school.
I do hope you are all keeping well (as they say) and that this war will end soon. May the coming year bring you happiness and health and bring us all a successful conclusion to this dreadful conflict.

All the best dears,
Sylvia Leigh

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