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It was a favourite activity of the Maynard family to watch television on rainy weekends. There were, after all, some quite good shows nowadays.

The news drew to a close, and a new programme started up. It was the first episode of a very peculiar show. It quite simply tracked the progress of a school. Yet, it was chaos. It wasn't the calm order that they had been led to believe belonged to all schools bar their own. It was funny, exciting, interesting. It lasted an hour, an hour of friendships, betrayal, serious bitchy-ness, and jokes and laughs as well.

"Oh, it's just like the Chalet!" laughed Maria, once they could all speak coherently after their laughing fits.

"Yeah!" grinned Cecil. "Educating the Chalet School!"

"We should do one!" grinned Geoff. "Send it in and see if they show it on the BBC!"

There was an uproar at this.

"Oh, Geoff!" grinned his twin. "How simply galoptious!"

"Let's make four." grinned Felix. "One at the Chalet, one at St. Nicholas', one at St. George's and one at Greenrooves!" Everyone laughed and, drunk on high spirits, made their pledge.

Four tapes, to be sent off to the BBC.
Chapter End Notes:
Short, I know, but what else is there to put?

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