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Author's Chapter Notes:
Probably penultimate post, it's a short one though. Happy Easter everyone.

Lucy shook her head, much more used to looking things up online than asking questions. The lady smiled, then both of them turned at the sound of another person coming along the path towards the chapel.

Lucy couldn't help but gape, for this woman looked almost identical to the first, the only difference being her eyes, which were a pale violet, and a very slight difference in height. The woman she had been talking to suddenly grinned, making her face seem much younger.

"Seeing double? We keep being told we get more and more alike each year, especially since our hair colour went. First time since we were babies that people mix us up, and far too late for us to get as much fun as we could have done as naughty middles!"

Lucy wasn't quite sure what a 'middle' was, but she smiled politely and repeated that she didn't have any questions. The faces seemed familiar somehow, and she wondered whether these two were famous, like so many of the Chalet School alumni, or maybe whether she had seen them at the sanatorium. As she concentrated she realised that they did look slightly like the lady who lived in the chalet next to them. Lucy's mother chatted with her quite a lot, and said that she had been born on the Platz and returned there in recent years as a form of semi retirement. Probably these women were sisters or cousins, or maybe people all were related up here. There were quite a few people who looked similar after all.

She couldn't think of a polite way to phrase a question about who these ladies were, however, so she started to make her way out of the chapel, feeling shy now that she had an audience. As she passed the taller of the pair, the lady put out a gentle arm restraining her, and looked into her eyes with a searching expression. She exclaimed and called to her sister.

"Con! Look here. Doesn't her face remind you of someone?"

She startled Lucy, who wasn't very sure whether to break away, or stay still. The lady was quick to see this and removed her arm, although still looking at her face intently.

"My apologies dear, you must think me very strange. But I'm sure that I know you, or rather someone who looks like you. Are you a relative of a Chalet Girl?"

Lucy shook her head, sure that she couldn't have any relatives among rich girls from a Swiss Boarding school.

"A mistress then? Or someone who works at the San?"

Lucy shook her head again, and suggested that she must have seen her around the Platz in the past month. The woman shook her head. Looking puzzled.

"No, I've been away for 6 months. A trip to visit relatives, given by the girls when I retired."

Seeing that Lucy was looking even more confused, she explained that she had been the Headmistress at the Chalet School until the previous year, and the girls had collected to give her a Round the World trip.

Meanwhile, the other woman had been staring at Lucy's face with the same concentration, before exclaiming in excitement and pointing to various parts of the girl's face.

"OH! Can't you see, Len? She's the spitting image of her ! Here, here and here. Even the same crisp movements and expressions!"

Con looked between Lucy and Len, her face alight with the discovery. "Come and stand here, look at her profile." She said, moving her sister about with the casualness only a sibling could get away with. "Now throw your memory back 50 years or so - can't you see who it is?"

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