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Story Notes:
Thanks to JB, Vick and Finn for proof reading. Any errors are likely mine, I'm impatient to start posting.
"Begone with you short and shady senators...Give out the good, leave out the bad evil cries ... I challenge the mighty titan and his troubadours... And with a smile
I'll take you to the seven seas of Rhye..."

Lucy wandered along in her headphones, battering out in the air the rhythm of the song, barely watching where she was going. It had been a hard week, and only now had she begun to calm, after several hours of walking and running with her music as loud as she could go. This was one of Dad's favourite tracks, and the energy of the music both buoyed her up and reminded her too much of him. Dancing with him madly to this track, waving their heads about and playing air guitar. It had only been last year, but that big man full of such joy for life was miles away from the grey silent figure she had visited that morning.

The next track was thankfully a modern one, and so less connected with his memory, and she was able to give herself up to the music, let it distract her real life, from all the thoughts she didn't want right now. The path among the trees had started to thin out, and she didn't want to risk getting lost, so she turned and went back to the main road. She'd explored most of the Santorium end of the Gornetz Platz now, so decided to make her away the wide motor road and then explore the other end. Mum wouldn't be ready to go back up to their rented chalet for several hours, and Lucy needed the space and fresh air, it was too nice a day for much sitting in the visitor's room reading.

She meandered along, beating out the tunes to the latest Disney Pixar film in the air as she went. Her friends were always most bemused by her playlist, even more so if it was set to random, as it was now. Singing mice from Classic Disney could be followed by music of her parent's generation, mixed in with anything from modern day hits; classical orchestral pieces or spoken word tapes. Admittedly copying that last category over had been unintentional, but somehow hearing a chapter of her favourite historical novels or a short monologue from Eddie Izzard every now and again interspersed with the musical tracks worked surprisingly well. Dad always laughed and said that her playlist suited her perfectly - hard to define and interested in everything. She'd noted the words down, planning to paint them on her bedroom wall when she got a chance - she liked the idea of her own coat of arms and motto.

They'd left their house so suddenly that she'd only finished painting half her room, and she hoped it wouldn't have all dried too strangely for her to blend new bits in once she was back. Her room matched her playlist, that was for sure, with copied cartoon or comic characters mixed in with scifi posters, patterns copied from a book on aboriginal art and the original Winnie the Pooh wallpaper still peeking out from behind the patches of inspiration. She'd felt quite sad covering up her old friends, but at 15 she really did need something a little more up to date. Her mother had rolled her eyes and left her to it, saying that it was just a lucky thing that they had no plans to move for years.

Though that might not be true now. Lucy was trying not to think beyond the original expected month of being out here, but that time had come and gone, and she was old enough to see that Dad wasn't going anywhere soon. Mum had just renewed the chalet for another 6 months, and had been arranging with the boys what they wanted to do about their studies. Being that little bit older they had the choice, Lucy didn't expect it, nor did she want it. She enjoyed school, and this limbo of visiting and waiting was doing her no good.

She shook her head, and concentrated on her surroundings. There was a large stretch of grass in front of her, and two sweet little chapels at the other end. She headed in their direction, always interested in exploring churches and similar, there seemed to be a mountain of potential characters and story ideas in memorial signs on the walls of such places. She was to be disappointed today however, for both chapels were locked, a small sign apologising for the need to do so after episodes of vandalism. The key was in the school office apparently, and a number was given to contact the secretary, Miss Rosomon, about access.

She looked around the outside, liking the simplicity of the buildings, and the little bits of the stained glass windows that she could see. She wondered initially why there were two such similar buildings rather than one big one, then found a little notice board with a potted history of the buildings and realised that one was Catholic, and the other seemed to have started as Protestant and was now Ecumenical. As she wandered around the back, she saw a little gate and hedged area, signposted as 'Memorial Garden and Graveyard'

Lucy liked graveyards, there were so many stories to imagine from the people and memorials in them. It would be a good distraction, if some might say a somewhat morbid way to spend her time. There wasn't much else to investigate down this end of the Platz however, as it all seemed to be private land, or blocked off with high fences and probably connected with the school.

She remembered the man who had driven them up here, following Dad's ambulance, bemoaning the relatively new high fences. At least she -thought- it was a man. He or she had close cropped grey hair and wore a suit, and had introduced themselves as 'Lambert, Jack Lambert, of Lambert Cars, nice to meet you.'

Lucy had seen him/her around since in greasy mechanics overalls, and found out from one of her favourite Nurses that Jack owned a local garage and petrol station, and also operated a chauffeur service for patients or their relatives. It was only a stray "she" heard when Nurse Mensch was discussing Jack that made Lucy wonder. Not that it made any great difference to her, but it would be interesting to know before she made any errors by describing Jack to others as either 'him' or 'her'. Whatever sex they were, Lucy had liked the matter of fact person, and their clear love of the Platz, shown in the little stories told to them on their way up to the Sanatorium on that first day.

"Spoils the feel of the place, all these gates and locks and wire fences" Jack had said, with a wave towards the school buildings. "It used to be far more open, and the school could be much more a part of the community, but there's just been too many security and safety issues in recent years. The insurance company insisted on so many alarms and rules about who can go where that they had to comply. It's hard enough getting the liability insurance for a school in such a mountainous area as it is, they couldn't refuse."

The little chapels seemed to have been allowed to stay outside the school boundaries however, thankfully, and so Lucy found the gate open, and simply a sign asking visitors to be respectful of the graves and not to leave behind any food waste in the litter bin, as it attracted wildlife that could get hurt.

Lucy looked around to see if there were any signs saying that the graveyard was private; Finding none she swopped the music off random and onto her "Quiet thinking" playlist, and went through the little gate to see what ideas and stories she could find in here.

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