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Summary: Collaborative drabble idea. Anyone can post. Basically imagine that there was a CBB equivilent at the time EBD was writing the books. What might people speculate about / ship / discuss? Needs to be 100 words for the SDL requirement, but no need for any specific limit or minimum otherwise. Try not to use real / CBB names if possible please unless with permission. Guidelines in Story Notes.
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Published: 10 Mar 2014 Updated: 17 Mar 2014
Story Notes:
Suggested Guidelines

This is meant to be fun and collaborative, so please do have a go, ask if there are any questions about using the round robin or SDL system. I'll do my best to make sure that everyone's author name gets added if it doesn't do it automatically.

Please name the chapter by the approx year of the conversation your chatting characters are having, probably best to use the book publication dates as given below. Every now and again, if there are a few people adding, I'll perhaps rearrange them into date order, so it doesn't jump about too much.

Try if you can to remember that the characters don't have any information AFTER that date, so think a little with what you put in. Doesn't mean you can't in effect put in things that happen later as topics they are speculating about, but remember that they don't yet KNOW the answers.

If you want to have threads for a few different books, please put different years as different chapters, so long as there is 100 words it should let you do that. Obviously if you are having a chat that apparently passes over a New Year point that isn't necessary. I just mean so we don't end up with a 1940 conversation followed directly by a 1955 one in the same chapter.

Ideally try to use the information from the actual books, not any of your own or other's AUs, unless you want to deliberately have a chat session where someone reminds them that they are talking about a drabble character, not canon, or similar.

Basic principle is to be fun and not risk causing hurt of offence, so please also think a bit before making up names. I'm sure we will all accidentally create names that have been made by CBB members or elsewhere, but try not to use active poster names from the board if possible, so there can't be anyone hurt by what has been said. For example, I think there might be an inkyfingers I've seen online somewhere but I don't think there is an inkyfingersjo.

The other thing is, I am happy for people to use my characters crossing to other chapters, for example I have Joforqueen who clearly ships all female partnerships, and Madge4Jem whose name suggests she will jump in on topics relating to them. If being respectful of the characters, I am happy for them to have conversations on other people's threads, as that is what happens on a real board, but be thoughtful about it. So don't have Joforqueen suddenly turning antigay for example, or inkyfingersjo suddenly hating Grizel. :-D

If anyone doesn't want their character quirks or names used, please say on your chapter headings.

1. Books by publication date by Beecharmer [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (617 words)

2. Example Chapter 1940 by Beecharmer [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (731 words)
This is set just before CS in Exile was published, hope it gives the idea of what I am suggesting.

3. 1944 by Elennare [Reviews - 1] (324 words)

Borrowed a few of Beecharmer's characters and made up a few of my own - anyone who adds can use them, of course!