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Summary: Letty Howard is a young girl whose father is in the San. Madge, the ever-hospitable, offers Letty and her mother rooms at Die Rosen. However, Letty is spoiled, so how will she cope with having another girl of her own age in the house, especially one who spends all her time with such a man as Jack Maynard...?
Rated: General
Categories: St Scholastika's House Characters: Jack Maynard, Jo (Bettany) Maynard, OC
School Period: Tyrol
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Romance
Series: Maynard Madness
Chapters: 3 Completed: No
Word count: 1581 Read: 2445
Published: 18 Jan 2014 Updated: 05 Mar 2014
Story Notes:
I take my hat off to Liss. I have, in fact, stolen her drabble, A Different Perspective and retold it here. However, it is now about ten times longer, and ten times more melodramatic. Read on to discover how I have butchered it...

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