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Story Notes:
I take my hat off to Liss. I have, in fact, stolen her drabble, A Different Perspective and retold it here. However, it is now about ten times longer, and ten times more melodramatic. Read on to discover how I have butchered it...
"And your room is right here!" Jo Bettany finished her tour of Die Rosen with a flourish and looked at their new house-guest, Letitia Howard. She had artificially curled blonde hair and was wearing an oh-so-fashionable red skirt suit and a white rabbit-fur stole which, instead of making Jo jealous as the wearer had hoped, it just made her feel sick at the thought of all those innocent rabbits who had given their lives for that massive garment. The look was topped off by red high-heeled Mary-Janes.

Jo dumped two of Letty's many suitcases onto the bed as Letty herself looked around the room. It was plain but pretty, and its new occupant loathed it, preferring bold decor and eccentric furniture. She had very little taste herself.

"Will there be any men joining us for tea?" she asked imperiously.

Jo shrugged. "Well, there's my friend Jack."

"Ooh! I think I'll change for tea if you don't mind." simpered Letty.

Jo didn't mind, and left her to it.

When she got into the Salon, Jo found that Madge and Jem were gone, but a familiar figure relaxed on the sofa.

"Jack!" she cried and plumped herself happily down next to him. "I've got heaps to tell you!"

"For starters?" asked her admirer.

"Well, our guests arrived today. The mother has some sense but the daughter is just my age and she's...well...I don't know how to describe her. She's just so-"

"Oh, hello! You must be Jack! I hope we get on...more than well." This speech heralded Letty's arrival, attired in a garish tea-dress. Jack stood up.

"Hello, Miss Howard. It is a delight to meet you."

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