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Story Notes:
This was my first attempt at a drabble on the SDL. However, when the cursor started acting all buggy, I lost interest and it's only now that I've had the time to pick it back up again.
Jo sighed. She was bored with waiting. Jem had sent her to meet the new doctor as he, Madge and Jack were all busy.

If only Jack were here now, thought Jo as she checked her watch yet again. It would be nice to have someone to chat to.

Ah! There he was! He was holding a badge saying "Dr. P. Hunter. The Sonnalpe Sanatorium." She got up from the post she had been leaning against and went over to him.

"Hello! My name's Joey Bettany. I'm Dr. Russell's sister-in-law." she held her hand out for him to shake, which he did, swiftly and powerfully, nearly tearing Jo's arm out of its socket. Or that's what it felt like, anyway.

"Philip Hunter. Pleased to meet you, Miss Bettany."

"Call me Joey. I'm sure we'll be friends, so you might as well start as you're bound to finish."

"And you may call me Philip."

Joey led Philip to the little mountain train up to Spärtz. She got her first proper look at him. He had curly golden hair and sparkling deep blue eyes. He was very handsome, and Joey felt herself relaxing in his presence. His gentlemanly yet friendly manner reminded her of Jack.

"Sk tell me, Joey. Am I likely to make any friends at all on this Sonnalpe of yours?"

"Oh, yes! I'll tell you what, I'll introduce you to my best friend, Jack. You remind me of him and I'm sure you'll get on well."

"Best friend? Or maybe more?"

"Best friend." Jo said firmly. There was a hint of a tease in his eye that she had come to recognise in Jack. Really, those two were so alike that the Staff at the Chalet School wpuld say that they were going to be best friends or worst enemies, probably the former.

What Joey didn't realise was that this man would change her life forever.
Chapter End Notes:
I've just realised that the name 'Philip' is taken - Phil Graves. Oh, well.

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