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"He's marrying MY daughter!"

Josephine Mary Maynard flung a wooden paperweight across her study and stamped on it as it ricocheted off the wall and landed on the floor. Fortunately, it was a well-made little thing and did not break even under this harsh treatment.

Her fiery black eyes roved around her ruined study looking for more missiles. There were none, she had thrown everything. There was paper all over the floor, various paperweights and ornaments lay forlornly in the mess.

Her chair had overturned, she righted it and collapsed into it. Flinging her head onto her arms on the desk and burst into furious, exhausted sobs.

"Jo?" Jack stuck his head round the door, he had just come home from the San. and it had been to hear his wife venting her hot temper on her study. He had run upstairs, and had hence found her in this state.

"Jo!" He ran over to her and lifted her torso so that she was sitting up. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. "What's wrong, darling? Don't cry."

"I don't EVER want to see him again!"



"Reg?!" Jack was so suprised he almost let go of his wife. "What on Earth's Reg done?!"

"He's marrying OUR daughter, Jack. OUR daughter!"

"And what's wrong with that?"

Jo slid off the chair and collapsed in a heap on the messy floor. Jack sat down in her place and picked her up. She rested her head on his lap and looked up into his azure-blue eyes.

"Len won't be our's any more. She'll be Reg's. Reg's Len." Jo sounded so bitter that Jack pondered his answer for a while.

"Just like you weren't Madge's Jo any more, you were mine?"

Joey smiled. Her whole face lit up. "Your Jo." she sighed. "The bare thought makes me happy."

"That's how Len feels. He makes her happy in the way I do for you. I love you and Reg loves Len. He'll treat her right, and she'll still love us."

Jo sighed, resigned to her fate. She really wasn't at all happy about being mother of the bride, but she also wanted Len to be happy. She could stick it out for one day, to please Len.

Jack couldn't help watching his wife's bosom rising and falling in her otherwise still body. As she closed her eyes, he began to stroke her hair away from her face.

"Poor darling. Poor, poor darling."

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