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“Girls,” said Miss Edwards, “would everyone please fall into their form lines with the Kinders at the front.  We do have a few things to go through before we can let you all inside.”  The girls soon stood in their rows and stared expectantly at their Headmistress. 

“Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the new school for most of you here at Carnbach.  I know you will all help to continue to uphold the traditions of the school.  Your form mistresses are standing with you and will take each form to their new dormitories and show you where you need to go.  We will have our full assembly later; however, I would like to see the following girls: Gisel Mensch, Lilian Roberts, Gwyneth Jones, Hilda Smith, Jane Thomas, Lorna Wills, Jean Downes, Janet Lee, Amy West, Joanna Reay, Alison Grant, Barbara Gow, and Moira Damer.” 

The girls named looked at each other and most guessed what it meant, and more than one wondered who would be the new Head Girl.  The girls soon marched off in their form lines, and soon a small group of girls were clustered around Miss Edwards.


Miss Edwards smiled and guessed what they were thinking.  “Yes girls,” she said, “you will be our new prefects.  Let’s go to my study and I will fill you in more.” 


The girls followed Miss Edwards and were soon seated in a comfortable room.  Miss Edwards smiled at them all. 

“Gisel Mensch, Lilian Roberts, Gwyneth Jones, Hilda Smith, Jane Thomas, Lorna Wills, Jean Downes, Janet Lee, and Amy West are our full prefects, and Joanna Reay, Alison Grant, Barbara Gow, and Moira Damer you will be our sub prefects.” 


The last four named looked at each other in delight, though Alison Grant looked anxious.  She had come from the Tanswick Chalet School two terms ago and though had worked extremely hard, still found it difficult to keep up to the level she should be at.  She wondered how she would be able to managed prefect duties on top of all her work.

“Who will be the Head Girl?” asked Joanna Reay, who was known throughout the entire school for inquisitiveness, “and Games Prefect.”

Miss Edwards smiled at the group.  “Head Girl will be Gisel Mensch and the Second Prefect will be Lilias Roberts.” 

The two girls beamed with pleasure. 

“Congratulations,” said Janet generously.  She was the oldest of the group being nearly a year older than everyone else, but poor health seem to hold her back, however, in the past year, she seemed to be making huge strides with her health and was finally outgrowing her childhood tendency to catch every germ and cold going around.

“Game prefect,” continued Miss Edwards, “is Lorna Wills, with Gwyneth Jones as her second.”

“Me!” exclaimed Lorna, “I thought Gwyneth or Gisel would have been Games Prefect, they’re both better at Games than I am.” 

“Only at Hockey and Swimming,” put in Gwyneth, “and you’re heaps more organised than I am.” 

“But you’re better at coaching the middles than I am,” murmured Lorna looking stunned,

“And you’re more patient with the juniors,” said Gisel with a grin.  “The two of you seem to compliment each other perfectly.  My only game is Cricket.  I would useless with the rest.” 

“And we want you as our Head Girl,” said Miss Edwards, eyes twinkling. 

Lorna and Gwyneth looked at each other; neither had had much to do with the other. Gwyneth’s closest friend being Clem Barras whom had gone to Switzerland while Lorna had been all in all with her three closest friends Jean, Hilda and Jane, who were still with her at Carnbach.  Miss Edwards wondered how the two girls would work together but knew the girls needed to work that out themselves. 


“Now,” she said, “I think it’s time to show you the Prefect’s room and your studies and then I will show you where your dormitories are.  You will each have a study to share with one other girl except Gisel and Lorna who will have a study each because of their position in the school.  The girls looked at each other in delight.  Miss Edwards swiftly led the way pausing briefly to point out the Prefects Room and where their studies were.  She then led them up the stairwell to the next floor where the fifth and sixth formers who weren’t dormitory prefects slept. 

“The prefects will all share together,” explained Miss Edwards.  “There are six in each room.  Now I will leave you to it.” 

To Lorna’s relief, she and her friends were sharing with Joanna and Moira, while the rest were in the room next door. 

“When are we having the Prefects meeting?” asked Joanna before they parted ways. 

Gisel looked thoughtful.  “Tomorrow after classes is probably best.  We have assembly after Abendessen and then I think its early bed for most, so how about we say 4.30 in the prefect’s room and we can sort out duties and jobs everyone is to have.  That suit?” 

The rest chorused their agreement and they all turned to unpack their trunks by their beds.  Gisel sat on her bed.  She knew Mamma and Natalie and probably Gretchen, Jacquetta and Hilda as well would all be pleased for her, but oh, it was going to be a difficult term.

Janet stuck her head through the curtain.  “Penny for them,” she said cheerfully. 

Gisel forced a smile on her face.  “It’s not worth that much,” she said ruefully.  “I must admit I wasn’t expecting that,” she said.  “I honestly thought Lorna or Hilda would be Head Girl.” 

Janet shook her head, “you’re friendly with everyone and the middles like and respect you.  You’ll do a good job.  Not that Lorna and Hilda wouldn’t she added hurriedly. 

“I guess,” said Gisel slowly, not really want to talk about it with Janet.  She liked her but didn’t know her particularly well, and wished for a moment her sister Natalie was there.

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