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New girl Allie jumps into modern Chalet School life, where a lot has changed...

8/4/18 - Apologies to anyone expecting a new chapter; I was testing something and deleted my test chapter but for some reason this drabble has stayed up top. (and my test chapter was unrelated to this drabble)

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School Period: Future
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: School Story
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Published: 05 Feb 2013 Updated: 08 Apr 2018

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4. Chapter 4- Getting More Settled by Minim [Reviews - 0] (2590 words)

I seem to have neglected this rather! I posted this bit on the LGM a long while ago, and being reminded of it I am now copying that bit over here and making new notes for plot, etc. I am completely lost in this world again.

Thank you to the person who reminded me that this drabble still exists.

5. Chapter 5 - Althea by Minim [Reviews - 0] (584 words)