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Author's Chapter Notes:
Option One

Susie looked down at her brother with affectionate exasperation. He was sprawled out on his bed, fulled clothed, and clearly had merely dropped there upon leaving the party downstairs. She lifted his dangling legs up onto the bed, and pulled the covers over. Matty muttered in his sleep, and she wondered what he was dreaming about. He was dead to the world, that was plain to see. She gave up on the idea of getting him undressed, he was old enough to have the consequence of sleeping in his one decent outfit. They'd both done their fair share of drunken snoring in the past, and she knew that she wouldn't want him to undress her, so it went both ways.

He smiled in his sleep and muttered again, and she decided that was enough, she didn't want to risk waking him, not in as nice a dream as he seemed to be happening. She would have to tease him about it in the morning, ask who he had been thinking of to have such a grin appear. She tucked him in, taken back all at once to looking after the younger ones in her childhood. She shook herself, but couldn't stop herself from giving him an automatic peck on the cheek, before turning off the light and making her way downstairs.

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