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Summary: I always threatened / promised Finn that if she insisted on not paying attention to my plaintive Tristan and Matty shipping I would have to write some T&M slash of my own. This started as a present for Finn, but she is kind enough to not mind me posting and going completely off canon :-D There are 3 chapters, but the last 2 are two alternative endings. You can chose which you prefer !!! Unashamedly sappy slash here !!!
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Categories: St Scholastika's House, St Mildred's House Characters: OC
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Genre: Romance, Slash
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Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1212 Read: 5742
Published: 27 Dec 2012 Updated: 27 Dec 2012
Story Notes:
This is completely off Canon for Tea and Miltancy !!

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