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To my darling 'Big Girls',

I hope that you are having a good time, and behaving well for Aunty Madge and Uncle Jem. I wish so much that you could be here with us, it just doesn't seem right to have to be apart at christmas, somehow, even though we have now been apart so many years that we really ought to be used to it, I suppose.

It can't be helped, however, so we shall all be strong. You would not be safe here, and we couldn't get home to you safely at the moment, so we can only make the best of things, which I am sure you do.

Maeve and Maurice are starting to find their feet a little more in school, they are competing in a three legged race, and you would laugh at them wobbling about. For twins they can be quite uncoordinated at times, and this is one of them. They often seem to try to go in slightly different directions, and inevitably trip over. They then stand up just at the same time, and hold on to each other as they do. Unfortunately that usually means one of them pulls the other down with them and they both sit down with a bump!

I have sent your gifts to Aunty Madge, but please don't fret my lovelies if they don't arrive in time, things like parcel postage out here are very erratic. You will be brave I am sure, and have something to look forward to after christmas, if they don't arrive in time.

Your last few letters are sitting in front of me now, and it seems so strange to be writing to you and receiving such grown up replies. You were such babes really when we last saw you, this war has a lot to answer for !

Jackie and Rix seem to be getting on well, although they are much less detailed in their letters, you know how boys can be ! They will enjoy meeting their little brother too, I am sure, although I think Maeve may well surprise them. She leaves Maurice in no doubt as to who is in charge, that is for certain! You were always your own little person Peggy, but as babies Rix certainly thought himself in charge. Maurice seems content to be told what to do by his sister so far. How long that will last we will find out ! It is interesting seeing how different these two are to you, our first twins. Also to you and Jackie, Bride. You two were so close together that you were almost like twins too.

I had better stop this letter now, for I want to catch the post, so that whatever happens with the parcels, you will know that we are thinking of you both with all our hearts, and praying that by next Christmas we may be able to all be together. Have a wonderful time with Aunty Madge and Aunt Joey, they have some lovely plans for you, I am sure. I know that Daddy says their family Christmases were always special occasions, and I am sure that they will keep those traditions going. You will have to show me next year what your celebration habits have become, for I only really know my own childhood traditions, and those that Daddy has described to me. I know that they love to play games and decorate the house beautifully, so I am sure the Christmases that you will be used to must be as magical as I remember my own as a child.

With all my love at Christmas,

Mummy, Daddy, Maeve and Maurice.

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