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Summary: Sequel / Continuation of Kathy Ferrars joins a Social Network. Set in term directly after last one, so Excitements at the Chalet School. For Nell's Inbox readers, this is set a few years later than that, and there is only minor overlap, so if it is easier, think of them as different AUs.
Rated: General
Categories: St Scholastika's House Characters: Biddy O'Ryan, Jo (Bettany) Maynard, Kathie Ferrars, Nancy Wilmot, Nell Wilson, OC
School Period: Switzerland
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Alternate Universe, Friendship, Humour, Slash
Series: FileSpace
Chapters: 11 Completed: No
Word count: 14436 Read: 20681
Published: 17 Oct 2012 Updated: 21 Sep 2014
Story Notes:
For those who want to join in but are new to FileSpace it is reasonably quick to read the original, despite the apparent word count, as, at least half of those words are things like Reply from Kathy Ferrars etc!

While several of you lovely people do help me with this, Vick has such a big input in sorting ideas and ways of doing things I would have to say thank you every update, and it's very much an ongoing collaboration, so have added her as coauthor. :-)

1. Chapter 1 A New Year begins by Beecharmer [Reviews - 13] starstarstarstarstar (2137 words)
I was going to wait until I had a bit more written, but FileSpace really is a drabble that needs interaction, so here goes! As a reminder, I finished the previous one on New Years Eve.

Kathy and Nancy had rented a small flat to be able to spend New Year together, which is why they don't return till the third day.

Apologies for having to change the format. I am now rarely using Word or a computer to write, and it is a nightmare posting with the previous bold formatting !!

2. Chapter 2 More blathering from the staff by Beecharmer [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1123 words)
Bit blathery this update, but it moves us on a few days at least, so she gets back to the school ! Thanks for the comments, and for reading.

3. Chapter 3 - An awkward chat by Beecharmer [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1453 words)
25/11/12 Thank you for reading, and its nice that people are glad to see this back. A little more now :-)

4. Chapter 4 Packing to go back by Beecharmer [Reviews - 2] (1575 words)
Thanks for reading, and for your patience with my slow updates! Life has been getting in the way a bit recently.

5. Chapter 5 At the Station by Beecharmer [Reviews - 2] (1385 words)
Thanks for your patience ! Hope people enjoy :-) Thanks particularly to Vick for chat ideas and having misread the vital word in our own chat! :-)

6. Chapter 6 Power theft by Beecharmer [Reviews - 2] (1349 words)
Cheers for your patience ! Kathy is stuck at the station after mixing up the train times. Nothing too complicated, just getting to where Excitements at CS starts. As always thanks to Vick for chat inspiration !

7. Chapter 7 - The Mystery of the Missing Moisturiser by Beecharmer [Reviews - 3] (1151 words)
Thanks for reading! Thanks as always to Vick for inspiring missing moisturiser madness, and putting up with my puns !! And Eleanore too :-D

8. Chapter 8 - Emeryance by Beecharmer [Reviews - 2] (1456 words)
Thanks for reading and reviewing. Thanks to Vick for distracting me from very noisy girls and sending me plot bunnies enough at lunchtime to get this update going. Also for stopping me from getting arrested for moronicide by challenging me to find a way to fit in gun toting plot bunnies. I couldn't manage it in the drabble yet, but I reckon this nearly counts putting it in here !! And yes, I admit I am a curmudgeonly old rat bag who sits in cafes muttering about loud and annoying stupid people shouting nearby about rubbish ....

9. Chapter 9 - Energy suction. by Beecharmer [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1098 words)
Thanks for still reading folks !

10. Chapter 10 - Wind from the Polar regions by Beecharmer [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (837 words)
Apologies for being slower in updating than had planned, life keeps getting in the way! EBD is the one who described the wind that way!

11. Chapter 11 - Snow Day ! by Beecharmer [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (872 words)
Thanks for patience people, and will do my best not to disappear for so long again ! Thanks to Finn for language checking and exile for words that might help with future updates too.