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Story Notes:
For those who want to join in but are new to FileSpace it is reasonably quick to read the original, despite the apparent word count, as, at least half of those words are things like Reply from Kathy Ferrars etc!

While several of you lovely people do help me with this, Vick has such a big input in sorting ideas and ways of doing things I would have to say thank you every update, and it's very much an ongoing collaboration, so have added her as coauthor. :-)
Author's Chapter Notes:
I was going to wait until I had a bit more written, but FileSpace really is a drabble that needs interaction, so here goes! As a reminder, I finished the previous one on New Years Eve.

Kathy and Nancy had rented a small flat to be able to spend New Year together, which is why they don't return till the third day.

Apologies for having to change the format. I am now rarely using Word or a computer to write, and it is a nightmare posting with the previous bold formatting !!

January 1st 1953


PEGGY BURNETT posted on your wall : Hellllllooooo Katthhyyyyyyyyy. Happpy Eew

PEGGY BURNETT posted on your wall : Heehehe ! New Year I men!

Reply from HELENA "BILL" WILSON : lol. You men do you? Had a few to celebrate by any chance Peggy ? Might want to log off internet before you regret anything !! Happy New Year though, nice to see you've had a good time !

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT : Yes, thankfully I did - Or rather Mary grabbed my phone and hid it for me. And her own too it seems! Morning now and ohhhhhhh do I regret it - not least because Mary can't find her phone now !

Reply from HELENA "BILL" WILSON : lol. Why did she hide her own?

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT : I might have grabbed hers and put something on someone's wall about sisters being mean and asked for help rescuing my phone ...

Reply from HELENA "BILL" WILSON : lol! Hope she finds it or you are in trouble!

Reply from ROSALIE DENE : The actual wording was "I don't like sisterrs they are mean and smelly, then some gobbledegook..."

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT : Ahhhh was it on your page Rosalie? I couldn't work out why it wasn't showing up anywhere, I could have sworn I wrote something.

Reply from ROSALIE DENE : That would be because you obviously didn't log out of Mary's FileSpace. It's in her name. And no it isn't on my page ... It's on the public page for Taverton ..

----- HELENA "BILL" WILSON, JOEY MAYNARD and 13 other people "like" this post.

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT : Oh ... My ... When is the earliest I can turn up for escort duty back to Switzerland? I think England may just have got too hot to hold me...

Reply from ROSALIE DENE : Not till the 6th, sorry !

Reply from JOEY MAYNARD: I do like your little explanation and apology to Mary and the 'Fans' of Taverton. But why haven't you taken the original post down ?

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT : Mary apparently didn't set up her own FileSpace, can't remember the password. Which is why she leaves it logged in on her phone. Which we can't now find ...

Reply from HELENA "BILL" WILSON : Surely Mary wasn't drunk enough to forget ? That isn't like here.

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT: No. She wasn't. It appears I have remembered wrongly. I may have been the one to hide it ...

----- JOEY MAYNARD, NELL RANDOLPH and 3 other people "like" this post.

Reply from ROSALIE DENE : Oh dear!!!

Reply from NELL RANDOLPH : It's a pity Kathy's still away, she's the expert in having her phone taken from her or hiding other people's for them ! Bet she could offer suggestions. Once she found it inside the piano, no clue how it got there !

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT: Yes, Kathy, where are you when I need you!!!!

Reply from SARAH "SALLY GRTM" DENNY : Please don't ever tell Tristan that story anyone ! He puts things in the strangest places when distracted, and although I hope he would never consider inside the piano on musical grounds, you never know ! If it helps, think of the absolute least likely place for it to be, go there, then the next strangest place. It's far more efficient than looking in the logical places first !

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT : Got it!! Thank you both - was behind some jars of blackberry jam, of all places !


NELL RANDOLPH sent KATHY FERRARS a "Pinch Punch, First of the month and no returns #Share Pinch Punch with your FileSpace contacts#

DICKIE CHRISTIE sent KATHY FERRARS a "Pinch Punch, First of the month and no returns #Share Pinch Punch with your FileSpace contacts#

PEGGY BURNETT sent KATHY FERRARS a "Pinch Punch, First of the month and no returns #Share Pinch Punch with your FileSpace contacts#

BIDDY O'RYAN sent KATHY FERRARS a "Pinch Punch, First of the month and no returns #Share Pinch Punch with your FileSpace contacts#

------ HELENA "BILL" WILSON commented on this post : Poor Kathy is going to be black and blue when she gets back, with all these pinches and punches !!

RUTH DERWENT sent KATHY FERRARS a "Pinch Punch, First of the month and no returns #Share Pinch Punch with your FileSpace contacts#

JOAN SANDYS sent KATHY FERRARS a "Pinch Punch, First of the month and no returns #Share Pinch Punch with your FileSpace contacts#

----- NELL RANDOLPH commented on this post : Kathy will wonder what is going on with everyone, with all these posts on her wall!! Seems as though this Pinch Punch thing is quite popular this year, my wall is full of them too. She is away from internet access for a few days folks, in case people didn't realise and wonder why she isn't replying to anything !

Jan 2nd

## Game Feed ## RUTH DERWENT is playing Rummiclub (1 minute ago)

## Game Feed ## NELL RANDOLPH is playing Bubble Shooter (2 minutes ago)

## Game Feed ## NELL RANDOLPH is playing Bubble Shooter (4 minutes ago)

## Game Feed ## JOEY MAYNARD is playing Rummiclub (5 minute ago)

## Game Feed ## BIDDY O'RYAN is playing PlayFarm (10 minutes ago)

Jan 3rd



{Private Message from NANCY WILMOT to KATHY FERRARS}

Just letting you know am back safe, been a looooooooong journey, hope you had a better one? Feel like I have been travelling for months, rather than hours !

Let me know when you get back if you can, but understand if difficult to write much. Like I said just before you left, make the most of the time with your Aunt and Uncle. You will be away for longer than normal next term if we possibly go on holiday in the Easter break. You'll miss them all the more if you don't make the most of the time now :-)

Nancy xxx



{Private Message from KATHY FERRARS to NANCY WILMOT}

Just got in, am safe and in the warm! It's bitter out there at the moment ! Been so lovely being with you past few days, and looking forward to start of term and being back with you properly.

Thanks for the reminder about my Aunt and Uncle, I do need to remember that. At the moment I'm just tired and irritated I think, my Aunt is fussing around me and I just want to go to bed. But you are right - I'll miss them when I'm away for months again, and I don't want to leave on a bad note.

Love Kathy xxx



KATHY FERRARS : Hello people! Hope everyone had a good time over New Year? From all the drunken messages it looks clear that some of you did!

Reply from JOEY MAYNARD : Yes thank you!

Reply from NELL RANDOLPH: I did, and since you disappeared from FileSpace for nearly three days, I would guess that yours wasn't so bad ? ;-)

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT: Yay!! She's back !!! It's been very boring without you !

Reply from KATHY FERRARS : Lol. Thanks ! Had a lovely time, nice to take a complete break from things like FileSpace sometimes. Glad to be back online though !

Reply from BIDDY O'RYAN : Lol! You make it sound like you have been gone a year ! It's only three days!! (but it is nice to see you back :-) )

Reply from NELL RANDOLPH : I'm amazed you managed it. Must have been pretty distracted... ;-)

Reply from NANCY WILMOT: Happy New Year and looking forward to beginning of term. :-)


KATHY FERRARS : Ok who changed Filespace???? Not keen ! I was only away three days, what on earth happened ???

PEGGY BURNETT, MOLLIE CAREW and 22 other people "like" this post

Reply from RUTH DERWENT : I agree, it is most confusing ! Names aren't in bold any more, and I keep thinking everyone is shouting, with all these capitals about.

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT: It changed on New Years Day for me, but it seems it has been changing gradually for a lot of people for a while, they have just enforced the change for everyone now. :-(

Reply from KATHY FERRARS: Well it seems very odd. The names are a bit clearer, perhaps that's why?. Why on earth do they keep changing things though?

Reply from ROSALIND MOORE : Do you really think they look clearer? I feel as though I can see less :-(

Reply from KATHY FERRARS: It isn't masses clearer. Just wondered if that was why. Makes the page very white without the bold doesn't it :-(

Reply from SARAH "SALLY GRTM" DENNY : It is a strange change, however one thing that I have found is that it is loading much faster on our creaky home internet. Has anyone else noticed that?

Reply from NANCY WILMOT: Yes, it's faster on my phone internet as well. Does look strange though, when used to capitals meaning a raised voice usually. I feel a bit as though everyone is shouting at me !

Reply from JOEY MAYNARD: I do wonder why the did it ? It seems such a strange thing to change really, just having the bold print change to capitals.

Reply from HELENA "BILL" WILSON : If any of you actually went and read the FileSpace news page, you would know why. It apparently was causing so many system crashes and conflicts with other web formatting that they decided that the bold print was just not worth continuing. The link is here, if anyone is interested.

##Link insert - FileSpaceNewsandSecurity.com##

FileSpace update :-

1st January

The new FileSpace CLEARPAGE system was launched for all users today, after trials with randomly selected users for the past 6 months. The update was welcomed by manufacturers of mobile internet devices, and software developers. Apparently internet service providers are already noticing the benefits.

"Users are sure to find the changes difficult to begin with" said a representative from provider Charmer. "However studies show that the new format works better on different platforms, speeds up processing and makes future updates much more likely"

FileSpace initially trialled the new system with the intent to make it an optional update. However the increased speed of use meant that the update was made compulsory on New Years Day.

"We were finding clear correlations between FileSpace use and general system crashes reported by providers. This update simplifies the FileSpace system and avoids provider meltdown." was the official statement issued today.


Reply from KATHY FERRARS : That's interesting, thanks Bill. If it makes FileSpace faster, I guess it's worth it.

Reply from PEGGY BURNETT : :-( :-( :-( Still don't like it. I liked the old way.
----- RUTH DERWENT, ROSALIND MOORE and 5 other people "like" this comment.

Reply from ROSALIE DENE : If it makes the bandwidth use less, I'm all for it. I was anticipating having to be VERY unpopular this term - we might have to limit use of the school wifi system, now that so many of us use FileSpace. It really wasn't designed for such constant use!

Reply from NANCY WILMOT: *Goes Green*
Reply from NANCY WILMOT: *Quietly panics*
Reply from NANCY WILMOT : Um... Would that mean no access to Bubble Shooter...
----- KATHY FERRARS, JOEY MAYNARD and 5 other people like this comment.

Reply from ROSALIE DENE : Yes, it would have ! Hilda was contemplating a blanket ban on all non work related use. But I managed to get a stay of execution for now, so fingers crossed the new FileSpace will use less, then it won't be an issue.

---- KATHY FERRARS, NANCY WILMOT and 15 other people "like" this comment.

## Game Feed ## JOEY MAYNARD is playing Rummiclub (1 minute ago)

## Game Feed ## NANCY WILMOT is playing Bubble Shooter (2 minutes ago)

## Game Feed ## NELL RANDOLPH is playing Bubble Shooter (4 minutes ago)


KATHY FERRARS is : Phew !!! Finally caught up with all the posts I missed while I was away ! Off to bed now, night night all of you !!


{Private message from KATHY FERRARS to NANCY WILMOT }

Hello my lovely Nancy. :-)

Can see you are still up, playing Bubble Shooter, wanted to send a quick note to say Night Night. Feels very strange you not being here next to me. It was lovely being able to just hide from the world the past few days. Sleep well and will message properly when am more awake !
K xxx

P.S Don't stay up too long trying to beat Nell Randolph's score ! She was obviously practicing a lot while we were offline!!! ;-)


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