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Having finally brought Jack to a sense of her iniquities and sent her off to make her apologies, the two mistresses were at last able to relax their stern demeanour.

"Of all the spoilt brats," Nancy Wilmot said, leaning back against the desk, "I think that takes the prize."

"Which," Kathie asked, with a frown of incomprehension, "Jack or Jane? I'd have put it down to jealousy on Jack's part, myself. I certainly wouldn't call either of them spoilt."

However, that wasn't quite what Nancy had meant. "Not them - you."

"Me?" Kathie shot out of her chair, five foot of outrage. "Me?"

"Yes, you." Nancy grinned. "'Oh, Jane, would you mind wiping over my car?' What was stopping you from doing it yourself, you lazy object?"

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