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ARCHIVE. A backstory to All Change 1. Not required for other All Change, but might make more sense of how some people react in the later All Change stories. Covered in more logical order in All Change Reorganised

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An explanation of how some of the characters, mainly the Enid Blyton ones, ended up at the point that they are seen in All Change. Only a small amount of CS characters, but links to All Change which has huge numbers of CS and other characters, so hopefully I can be forgiven ! Set in 1940s and early 1950s.

Non-standard relationships and suggestive though not explicit scenes. All characters are young but over age of consent when consenting to anything :-)


1. Chapter 1 by Beecharmer [Reviews - 6] (9401 words)

This is to link with All Change, but is by the nature of the original story that hijacked All Change, mainly Enid Blyton. To clarify I have put a list of information, (mainly sourced from Wikipedia) below. 


I've put a list of characters and their bios from wikipedia below, since it does help to know the basics. Also done the adventure series, although I would also say to those who haven't read them DO !! They are one if my favourites, and one series where the likelihood of all these adventures are slightly more realistic since their step father is a "high up" policeman / spy. 

Famous Five

Julian: Julian is the eldest of the five, cousin to George and older brother to Dick and Anne. Tall, strong and intelligent as well as caring, responsible and kind but sometimes a bit strict. He is the leader of the group. He is very protective and possessive of Anne. At the start of the series, Julian is 12 years old; the final book does not state how much the children have aged, but if you count the years in which the series run, then he will be 17. He showed his adolescence in Five On A Hike Together

Dick: Dick has a cheeky sense of humour, but is also dependable and kind in nature. He is the same age as his cousin George, a year younger than his brother Julian and older than his sister Anne – 11 at the start of the series and 16 at the end. Dick is very caring of Anne and does his best to keep her cheered up when she gets upset. He also has a good gymnastic ability which helps the five in numerous dilemmas. He had a heroic role in Five On A Treasure Island. He also uses his wits in many adventures.

Anne: Anne is the youngest in the group, and generally takes care of their domestic duties during the Five's various camping holidays. She is more likely than the others to become frightened and famously dislikes the adventures the Five constantly encounter. She is 10 years old in the first book of the series and 15 in the last. She is known to be very forgetful sometimes and she does let her tongue run away with her. In Five have a mystery to solve, she acted as a brave and responsible person. She likes to play "House Wife".In Smuggler's Top she is shown to be claustrophobic since she is frightened of encroached spaces since it reminds her of bad dreams she has.

George (Georgina): Georgina is a tomboy and insists that people call her George. With her short hair and boy's clothes she is often mistaken for a boy, which pleases her enormously. Like her father, Quentin, George has a fiery temper. She is fierce, headstrong and very loyal to those she loves. She is sometimes extremely unmanagable and causes trouble to her mother as well as her cousins. She is very possessive of Timmy, her dog. George is cousin to siblings Julian, Dick and Anne and is aged 11 at the start of the series and 16 at the end. In Five Have Plenty of Fun, Five Fall Into Adventure, and Five Go To Mystery Moor there were tomboys like her. (beecharmer adds here : one of these is called Harriet, also known as Harry)

Timothy (Timmy or Tim): Timmy, sometimes called Tim, is George's dog. Timmy is the archetypal loyal mongrel – very clever, affectionate and loyal to the Five and to George in particular; he provides physical protection for the children on multiple occasions. George adores Timmy and thinks that he is the best dog in the world. In the first book of the series, George's parents have forbidden her to keep Timmy and George is forced to hide him with a friend in the village. After the end of the Five's first adventure, her parents relent and she is allowed to keep him

Jo, the gypsy girl: Jo, clever but wild, joins the Five on several 
adventures and is especially friendly towards Dick. She is approximately the same age as the children. She is a tomboy, like George. Her mother and father were in the circus before being imprisoned for theft.

Aunt Fanny: Fanny is George's mother, and aunt to Dick, Julian and Anne. Called Aunt Fanny by Julian, Dick and Anne, she is married to Uncle Quentin, and is, through most of Blyton's Famous Five novels, the principal maternal figure in the lives of the children (Julian, Dick and Anne's parents only make brief appearances in a handful of the novels).

Uncle Quentin: Quentin is George's father, and a world-famous scientist, who is kidnapped or held hostage in several of the children's adventures. He possesses a quick temper and has little tolerance for children on school holidays, but is nevertheless not as heartless as he may at first seem. In the first book of the series, it is established that he is the brother of Julian, Dick and Anne's father.

Guy and Harry Lawdler identical twins interested in arachology

The Adventure Series

Philip Mannering: A boy with a growth of hair which stands up above the forehead, earning him (and his sister and mother, but mainly him) the nickname "Tufty" from Jack. Like his late father, Philip has a gift of befriending any type of land-based animal he comes across, and always has a veritable zoo of small animals somewhere within his clothes. He is quite a tease with his sister Dinah about her squeamishness and often gets into a lot of fights with her about it. He's Jack's best friend and is quite kind to Lucy-Ann when Dinah is a little mean.

Jack Trent: A boy about Philip's age though older (about 14 in the series' beginning) who has red hair, green eyes and lots of freckles all over his face, the latter of which earning him the nickname "Freckles" from Philip. He and his sister Lucy-Ann are orphans and were living with an unfriendly uncle until they were adopted by Mrs. Mannering. Jack has a special passion for birds; he spends most of his time observing birds. His greatest dream is becoming an ornithologist. He loves Mrs. Mannering very much and cares much about his sister Lucy-Ann.

Dinah Mannering: Philip's younger sister of about twelve in the beginning of the series. Like her brother, she has a tuft of hair standing up atop her head, but she shares neither his gift in attracting nor his love for animals, especially the small creeping types (mice, insects, snakes etc.). Temperamental as she is, she often finds herself the target of her brother's teasing, but otherwise she is quite level-headed, tough, intelligent and grown-up for her age.

Lucy-Ann Trent: Jack's little sister is the youngest of the foursome (about 11 in the beginning of the series) and also the most timid one. Like her brother, she has red hair, green eyes and freckles, and in several instances she is described as very pretty. Lucy-Ann is very affectionate towards the people she loves, particularly her brother Jack, though sometimes she is a little jealous that Jack seems to love birds more than her. She also loves her "parents" Bill and Mrs. Mannering very much, is Dinah's best friend and quite fond of Philip.

Kiki: Jack's female pet cockatoo with white plumage and a yellow crest. Her most noticeable trait is her enormous repertoire of command phrases and peculiar noises, which she seems to pick up very easily (For example wipe your feet, shut the door, Where is your handkerchief). Her commands originally came from Jack and Lucy-Anne's unfriendly uncle and his stern caretaker, with whom they had to live until Jack and Lucy-Ann were adopted by Mrs. Mannering. In the stories Kiki serves usually either as comic relief or as a saviour from tight situations.

Bill Cunningham: An important member (holding the rank of inspector) of an unspecified, quite possibly fictional secret service force (possibly based upon the British Secret Intelligence Service). His most prominent bodily feature is his half-bald head. He meets the children upon their very first adventure and makes regular appearances in the series from that point on. Mostly the children get tangled up in adventures which are connected with Bill's work at the time and end up solving them for him.

Following the events in The Ship of Adventure, Bill marries Mrs. Mannering and adopts all the children as his own. Upon first encountering the children, he used the alias "Bill Smugs" - a name which appeared again in The Mountain of Adventure.

Mrs. Mannering ("Aunt Allie" later Cunningham): Philip and Dinah's mother is a widow (not much is revealed about her late husband, only that he seems to have possessed the same animal-charming ability Philip demonstrates throughout the series), and like her children she has a tuft of hair upon the top of her head. At first she adopts Jack and Lucy-Ann into her family, providing them a loving home; later she marries their common friend Bill and founds a new family with all of them. She is affectionately called "Aunt Allie" by Jack and especially by Lucy-Ann.