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Two Alpine crossings converge in an Alpine Crossover. Set before and during Exile.

Rated: General
Categories: St Scholastika's House Characters: Jack Maynard, Jem Russell, Jo (Bettany) Maynard, Madge (Bettany) Russell, OC
School Period: Tyrol
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Romance, War
Series: None
Chapters: 12 Completed: No
Word count: 36931 Read: 38903
Published: 03 Feb 2012 Updated: 04 Feb 2012

1. Part I: Beginnings by Lizzie [Reviews - 21] starstarstarstarstar (2871 words)

I thought it was time I transferred this across to the SDL!

2. A Knowing Look by Lizzie [Reviews - 0] (1786 words)

3. Retribution and Plans by Lizzie [Reviews - 0] (2592 words)

4. Talking about the weather by Lizzie [Reviews - 0] (2297 words)

5. Edelweiss by Lizzie [Reviews - 0] (3225 words)

6. Friends by Lizzie [Reviews - 0] (1863 words)

7. A difficult road by Lizzie [Reviews - 0] (2294 words)

8. Part II: A solid lump of comfort by Lizzie [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3110 words)

This is where the story begins to fill in the gaps in Exile. Any text in bold is EBD's just so you can see where it fits in case it's not immediately obvious. For any people not overly familiar with Exile (Hard to imagine, I know, but humour me), the first section comes after Hilary and Robin have disappeared while playing a game of hide and seek for the benefit of a watching German spy when they were really hiding the Chalet School Peace League in a cave, and the second comes a few hours later, after they have returned to Die Rosen...

9. A Wedding by Lizzie [Reviews - 0] (3764 words)

10. And so it begins by Lizzie [Reviews - 0] (3309 words)

This has a teeny bit of EBD text in it too, again, in bold.

11. The Madness by Lizzie [Reviews - 4] (6142 words)

This contains more EBD text and provides an answer to the question that has plagued most readers of Exile for years: What did Jem say to Jo in the cave?

12. Tenacity by Lizzie [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3678 words)