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Author's Chapter Notes:

When they're trapped overnight on the bus by the floods in New Chalet School, there's no room for Nell to lie down to sleep so she spends the night sat on a suitcase; as she settled herself into this position she 'got into Miss Stewart's big ulster, pinning it round her with safety pins, since she was a much slighter woman; tucked her 'pillow' between her shoulders and the side of the seat against which she was leaning, and so prepared to make what she could of the night.'

This is part of her night.

Tired, anxious and shifting uncomfortably in the dark, Nell Wilson could feel the throb of her foot preparing to nag at her as she kept her vigil through the cold night. Two in the morning was a lonely time when you were the only one awake, on a bus full of schoolgirls stranded half way up a mountain. Con was there too, of course, but it was too dark to see her, and too dangerous to risk reaching out to her as she slept on the floor tangled up in rugs and Joey Bettany.

Nell sighed, and tried to settle herself deeper into the warm Ulster she had wrapped around her. As she did so, a familiar scent rose from the coat - Con's perfume. It was a smell that always gladdened Nell's heart, whether she breathed it in as she watched Con apply it when she was getting dressed, or whether she caught it on the breeze as Con rushed around the school, busy in her daily tasks - it was a reassuring, exciting smell that always jolted Nell into the realization that Con was there - and better - Con was hers.

Inhaling the scent deeply, Nell shifted herself once more, comforted, if not exactly comfortable.



Chapter End Notes:

Thanks to the eagle-eyes of Vick and Eleanore for spotting a bit of an embarrasing EBDism in an earlier version of this :-)

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