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Author's Chapter Notes:

This shows how much T&M has infiltrated my brains...

Madge, Joey, and the Robin were all taking a walk within the school grounds.

"Zoe, I'm scared," the Robin said, widening her eyes to look into the face of the person she adored the most. "When is all of this going to stop?"

"Soon, my Robinette," Joey replied. "They reckon they've found the weapon now, so it shouldn't take too long to determine the murderer's identity now,"

"But what if he is never caught?" the Robin persued. "And he stays here forever, killing people?"

"That won't happen," Madge said firmly. "And if it does, we'll move. I think I should cut down on the thriller novels if I were you,"

"Oui, tante Marguerite," The Robin said.

"You run along now," Madge said. "Miss Smith will be waiting for you,"

The Robin ran along, and now only Joey and Madge walked their way around.

"There's something you've not told us," Joey said, as soon as the Robin was out of earshot.

"Yes, well..." said Madge. "I wasn't sure if I should. But I can trust you not to say anything about it, can't I?"

"Go ahead Madge, not a word will escape from my mouth about it," Joey grinned.

"Well, this murderer has a signature," Madge went on. "At each murder site, a doll was found, lying on the floor,"

"Freaky," Joey said. "A bit like voodoo,"

"Jo!" Madge cried out.

"Sorry, sorry, carry on please," Jo replied.

"Well, I managed to sneak away with one of these,"

"Madge, that's tampering with the evidence,"

"I want you to look at it, Jo," Madge said, pulling it out.

"But that's Evelyn's doll!" Jo recognised it at once, having seen the younger girl play with it. "What was that doing there?"

"I don't know," Madge said. "It might be that Evelyn misplaced it and the murderer picked it up, but I don't think so somehow. Evelyn's always taken good care of her, I've heard, she wouldn't leave it lying around,"

"Are you considering that someone stole it?" Jo said. "But what kind of maniac would break in to a girl's school just for kid's doll's?"

Madge didn't reply.

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