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Story Notes:

For Kathryn and Eleanore, who have a bit of an obsession with a certain character climbing through windows :-)

The song landed in Kathie's head as she was brushing her teeth. The words didn't quite make sense, she had to admit, but it was a catchy tune nonetheless, and as she made her way back to Nancy's room she found herself humming it under her breath.

Slipping discreetly into her partner's room - it was more or less an open secret that they often shared the same room, but discretion was still encouraged by the school authorities - she paused on the threshold to look at the figure curled up in the bed. As she hung her dressing gown on the hook on the back of the door she carefully suppressed the mirthful grin that was threatening to swamp her features.

"You all done, then?" came a voice from the bed.

"All washed and brushed and beautifully clean," Kathie acknowledged, making her way to the bed and lifting the covers to snuggle up to Nancy.

"Good," Nancy said, sighing contentedly as Kathie made herself comfortable, and then giving vent to a rather loud "Ouch!"

"Sorry, my love! Was that one of your sore bits?" Kathie was all contrition.

"One of them, yes." Rather forlornly, Nancy replied.

"Well," Kathie propped herself up on one elbow and regarded her parter. "You've only got yourself to blame."

"You're meant to be sympathetic and nice to me! I've been through a terrible ordeal!"

"Honestly, Nance, what were you thinking? How on earth did you think you were going to fit?"

Nancy looked at her partner a little oddly, and her voice, when she spoke, was rather brittle. "Is that meant to be some kind of dig at my weight?"

Kathie blinked. "What? My love, no, of course it isn't! I love every - single - inch - of - you." Punctuating her words with kisses, Kathie went some way to soothing Nancy's incipient crossness. "All I meant to say was, not even Felicity Maynard could've fit through that window. I even doubt Cecil Maynard would've managed it. So how on earth you thought you - a full grown adult - could ever manage it, I really do not know. What were you trying to do, anyway?"

"I was trying to suprise you."


"I'd just managed to wangle a free so I was going to come with you on your ramble, and I wanted to catch up with you before you left the school grounds. And the window seemed to be the quickest way to get to you."

Kathie was rather touched by this confession, though still somewhat bewildered by Nancy's preference for windows rather than doors. "Well, you certainly did that, anyway."

"Did what?"

"You did surprise me. To come along with Upper Vb and to see you hanging out of the window like that was indeed a surprise." Kathie giggled. "Stuck fast, not able to go forwards or backwards - it was quite a sight!"

"It's not funny. I have bruises. And I might never have got out of there alive."

"It is funny. And you know it. And you did get out of there alive, thanks to Gaudenz, so there's no harm done."


"Oh, my poor love," Kathie snuggled consolingly into her partner. "There are less dangerous ways of being romantic, you know." For a minute or two they lay there, comfortably wrapped around each other. And then, all of a sudden, the song that had earlier landed in Kathie's head irresistably came back, and she fought a short, desperate, but ultimately unsuccessful battle against the urge to start singing.

"When Nancy got stuck in the window, she began to shout, you girls and boys, won't get any toys, if you don't let me out!"

There was a silence. "That doesn't even make sense, you know."

"It does."

"Does not."

Kathie shrugged. "Doesn't matter. It's a good song."

"You shouldn't be mean to me. I have sore bits. And I was only there in the first place because of you." Nancy sounded  forlorn.

"Oh, Nance. Come here, you great romantic idiot!"

Chapter End Notes:

The real song, of course includes Santa and a chimney, not Nancy and a window. But I'm sure you knew that!

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