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Story Notes:
A Secret Santa Drabble for Chattie, December 2011.
This is the house that Jack bought.

“...Our new home! Stand still a minute while I have a good look.”

Jo stopped short in the middle of the broad path and stood gazing. She saw a very big, four-storeyed house with plastered walls, frescoed and banded by three balconies reaching from the ground floor to the third floor. The wooden posts were carved and the close-set railings were high enough to prevent and accidents with heedless youngsters. The deep-pitched roof was weighted with heavy stones, roped on in the usual fashion of the Alps, and there were four dormer windows set in it. Beneath it came six small ones of the lattice type. The main bedroom floor had French windows opening on to the balcony, and on the ground floor there were three windows on each side of the door. The house stood on a little eminence and the front door was reached by half a dozen steps build sidewise to the house.

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