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After the affair of the bull, the middles decided to lie low for a while, and therefore the Prefects were given fewer worries because of it. Evvy was welcomed back by her own clan with subdued joy, for although the scars would remain until the end of term, she was returned to her usual high spirits and slangy self.


The next outburst was among none other than the staff; something very novel for them. For Rosalie Dene to lose her temper, it was something quite out of the ordinary, said some. But others, when they heard that it was because of no less a person the Grizel Cochrane, declared that they could hardly blame her.


They were sorting through the entries for the Chaletian when Rosalie remarked, “I do wish Jo was still our editor. It is not very fair on Stacie, I know, but after all, Joey was our first.”


Grizel ground her teeth, willing for the chatter to stop but Rosalie, quite ignorant of the pain she was causing, continued. “She always was one for extraordinary gifts, you know. There is her writing, for a start. And then languages. And her voice! No one has anything to rival that. Her only drawbacks are mathematics and art.”


Grizel heaved a sigh of relief, thankful that Rosalie had finished. Unfortunately, she had not. “Lots of the new girls over the years have been jealous of our Jo. For example, Stacie – when she was plain Eustacia Benson. She left that note for Joey herself to find. And Joyce Linton – fancy Jo saving her mother’s life after that! And in the beginning, there was our one and only Simone. I heard about that from you, mainly. And before her there was…I’m quite sure there was someone – ” Rosalie looked up and saw Grizel’s expression, “Oh – oh my – it was…you.”


Rosalie had been a friend of Grizel’s at her previous school, and before Grizel had any idea of her joining the Chalet School, she would complain about a girl called Joey who grabbed every last bit of attention. And then the talk had changed to how she had saved Grizel from the Barenbad Alp, and Grizel knew that she would always owe Joey something.


Grizel stood up haughtily and glared at Rosalie. “I was a child, Rosalie. I believe my thoughts have somewhat changed since then.”


“But you feel sometimes that you do owe Joey too much. After all, I have seen the way you look at her…” Afterwards, nobody knew what had possessed Rosalie to continue – it was quite unlike her.


“How dare you – ” began Grizel, but she was cut short. Rosalie was becoming quite irritated now, and, having never possessed much of a temper, once it got going it was not likely to stop soon, and was twice as bitter into the bargain.


“You have always been opposed to her,” she began cruelly. “You have been happy for yourself when she made mistakes. When Juliet first came you were the first to pal up with her because if Joey did you would always be in the background. And then you kept getting into worse scrapes than ever, and you would watch her look on with horrified eyes as you and Juliet cheeked teachers. You were never one to follow your own lead, Grizel…you…and your petty little hatreds…” Rosalie’s eyes, covered in the ‘red mist’ became unclouded, and she saw just what she was doing to Grizel. Rosalie herself had advanced five feet and was standing over Grizel, who was huddled in the corner with her hands over her ears groaning, “No…no! Please stop! Please!”


Rosalie gasped and put out a hand to pull Grizel to her feet, stammering, “I-I’m sorry Grizel – I don’t know what came over me – will you forgive – ”


Grizel unthinkingly grabbed the proffered hand and swung Rosalie against the wall, pulling herself up in the same movement. She ignored the grunt and thud as the girl hit the wall, and turned bitterly away, knowing that she would never forget the insults. Facing the window, she turned her thoughts to her real feelings against Jo, but was immediately interrupted.


For Carl Goodwin was standing just outside the window, his eyes goggling: evidently having seen the whole affair.


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