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Summary: Hilda's grief still ebbs and flows, Ellie still struggles to settle down at the school and Meg seems determined to get herself expelled. Nell continues to insist on being heard and Mother Abbess comes up with solutions to problems....
Rated: General
Categories: Ste Therese's House Characters: Hilda Annersley, Jack Maynard, Jo (Bettany) Maynard, Kathie Ferrars, Matron Lloyd, Nancy Wilmot, Nell Wilson, Rosalie Dene, Sharlie Andrews
School Period: Switzerland
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Friendship, Humour, Mystery, School Story
Series: A New Dream
Chapters: 32 Completed: Yes
Word count: 142857 Read: 74905
Published: 24 Nov 2011 Updated: 28 Feb 2012

1. Chapter 1 - Hilda Acts Out of Character by MaryR [Reviews - 19] starstarstarstarstar (6870 words)
I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for Volume 6 but RL has seemed out to get me again this past week. I do hope new readers are still enjoying it and others are enjoying the re-read…

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2. Chapter 2 - Anger Solves Nothing by MaryR [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (4063 words)
Thank you so much for all the delightful reviews for that first chapter. You are far too kind! This piece is slightly shorter for you....

3. Chapter 3 - Hilda Throws Down the Gauntlet by MaryR [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (4603 words)
Thank you for those truly moving comments and for helping me see that maybe I get it right occasionally, even when dealing with the important things in life.

4. Chapter 4 - Matey Receives a Shock or Two by MaryR [Reviews - 6] (6637 words)
Karita said, Oh, such selflessness! ....and she thinks of her grief as neediness. Perhaps it is, but she is not weak. This is a woman to be admired.

Thank you so much, Karita. I couldn't agree with you more, which is why I enjoy writing about her so much.

To thank you all for the loving things you say, I thought I'd treat you to another piece quite quickly, though you might need your tissues by the end....

5. Chapter 5 - Sealed of Our Tribe by MaryR [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (4120 words)
Oh, how very kind you are! Thank you so much!

Just quite a short chapter tonight.....

6. Chapter 6 - A Lone Teaspoon by MaryR [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (4343 words)
Apologies for the three day delay and thank you for the reviews.

7. Chapter 7 - Just human, and so very hurt. by MaryR [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (4493 words)
Thank you all for the kind comments.

8. Chapter 8 - All it takes is a smile by MaryR [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (5241 words)
Thank you so much for the comments. I'm so pleased you enjoyed meeting MA again - although I didn't mean to drive you to weeping buckets, Karita!! Mind, I have to admit to the odd weep myself at bits of this saga.... if that doesn't sound too boastful!

9. Chapter 9 - A Loving Father? by MaryR [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (4995 words)
Thank you again Mary, not much longer and you'll have caught yourself up and be writing and posting the new parts of the story

Catching myself up seems a dream, still, at the moment, Clair!! Though reminding myself of some parts has been good for the rest of the story and has also enabled me to eliminate some appalling Maryisms! Poor EBD! How easy it is to forget what you had your characters doing, or even being, in the past!

Thanks to those of you who reviewed poor Meg's confession.

10. Chapter 10 - My Friend was Dead by MaryR [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (6014 words)
Thank you for your kind reviews, which are keeping me going with this lengthy re-posting, but would you prefer it if I now took a break and waited until after Christmas to post any more, since it is such a busy time for everyone?

11. Chapter 11 - A Lesson in Love by MaryR [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (5796 words)
Why, how kind you are! After reading your loving reviews, I did intend to update but we had visitors staying and time escaped me. I can't promise to post as often as usual but will do my best.... Thank you so much.

12. Chapter 12 - A Lifeline for Meg by MaryR [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (2996 words)
It has just occurred to me that I left you mid-conversation. Oops! That wasn't very kind of me, was it? Put it down to RL and Christmas intervening. Mind, I've only given you a very short chapter....

To all those who are reading this, have a very happy New Year. May 2012 bring you all you would wish for yourselves, including good health, peace and a little fun.

13. Chapter 13 - The Sad Snowman by MaryR [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (3231 words)
Well, Seven, Katesian and Anne, you did ask for more! You would have had it yesterday but the day ran away with me, so do forgive me! Pauline, Pauline, am I really so cruel? Never mind, here's the answer to your question... and I will try to update at least every other day from now on, and maybe even every day, given more than 24 hours in a day! Otherwise, I will never reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - ie new additions to this saga....

Last year, this particular scene would have fit right in with the weather, and would certainly be better than the grey and gloomy weather we have here and now....

14. Chapter 14 - Earthís Crammed with Heaven by MaryR [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (4101 words)
I didn't manage it yesterday, after all, did I? Humble apologies, but I'm so pleased you enjoyed the snowman just as much the second time round. It was such fun to write...

15. Chapter 15 - Ellie Saves the Day by MaryR [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (5093 words)
Well, I did promise to try and update every day!! Thank you to my four stalwart faithfuls for your much-appreciated kind reviews and for your enormous encouragement, which is sorely needed when re-posting such a long saga.

I know a lot of people don’t think much of DH Lawrence’s poetry, but somehow it speaks to me so I was glad of a chance to use some in that last chapter. I hope you enjoy Nell’s contribution to this chaper…..

16. Chapter 16 - A Guardian Angel for Meg by MaryR [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (6259 words)
Aw, bless you for cheering me on! Pity I can't post you all a smiling emoticon. I think I was just having a bad day yesterday. I'm afraid I seem to have rewarded your lovely kindness with a rather long update.

I was never convinced I had Ellie's meeting with Meg just right, but even looking at it again has inspired no new ideas, so here we go...

17. Chapter 17 - Such as Thou wouldst have us be by MaryR [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (2738 words)
Thank you for all the loving comments. Special thanks go to those of you who took the trouble in your reviews to soothe my doubts about the scene with Meg and Ellie. Luisa, you are very perceptive.

A shorter piece tonight....

18. Chapter 18 - The Quality of Mercy by MaryR [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (5160 words)
Thank you so much for all the very individual comments you made on that last post. Yes, Susan, hopefully that blessing will get her through the coming staff meeting. (See below)Pauline, thank you for the lovely Rutter, whose music I could listen to for hours. Squirrel and Celia, I think you mentioned practically every moment of that last piece, bless you both. Shesings, yes, Hilda is wise and good - and very vulnerable. Also very lonely, as Katesian mentions. Will she be able to keep going?

Oops, Anne, you sneaked on just as I was putting this next piece on here. Thank you for adding your quota to Hilda's character.

19. Chapter 19 - Love: the voice under all silences by MaryR [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (4652 words)
Thank you so much for the comments on that staff meeting. Karita, I loved that you compared Hilda to God there, at that difficult moment for her, although I'm sure her humility would forbid her to accept such a comparison.

Hope this chapter is not too long for you, but splitting it seemed rather pointless.

20. Chapter 20 - Three girls and a penitent woman by MaryR [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (4245 words)
Thank you all for your comments. Karita, bless you for that lovely compliment. I had a good giggle at you and Anne finding that Hilda does have faults, but is all the more lovable for them. Indeed! Who could love perfection?

A bit of a mish-mash, this episode, with all three of Hilda's lambkins.....

21. Chapter 21 - My Heartís Treasure by MaryR [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (2210 words)
Sorry for those of you who got an alert, but I found a huge mistake and had to delete that chapter. Try again....

Thank you so much for the loving, and sometimes extensive, comments. You are so kind. I hope you enjoy the fencing between Hilda and Matey. I felt we needed some light relief in the midst of the angst. Alas, this is only a very short chapter.

22. Chapter 22 - Can Tortoises Purr? by MaryR [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstarstar (4459 words)
I’m sorry there have been no updates for so long, but some of you may not realise that I had an operation on my shoulder over 3 weeks ago and have been unable to use my right arm. Things are slowly improving, but there is still quite a degree of pain and lack of movement in it, so the updates may be sporadic just at first. Please bear with me…

A gentle reminder that it’s now Tuesday. The theft of Ellie’s photos happened on the Sunday, and the Juniors’ snowman episode was on Monday, as well as the Middles’ incident with the marbles. Today, the school is out skiing, Meg is off out with Ian and a despairing Hilda has just skied off down a very steep slope….

23. Chapter 23 - A Changed Girl Returns by MaryR [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (3153 words)
I got lucky with the snow, didn't I, turning up at the same time as I posted that last chapter? Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for all the loving reviews. Only a short puece this time, as the next one would really have been too long to add to it.....

24. Chapter 24 - Kate Stuart Applies Her Own Balm by MaryR [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (6016 words)
Thank you so much....

25. Chapter 25 - An Invitation for Meg by MaryR [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (3983 words)
Luisa, believe me, if I could find some distilled MA I would share it with you and everyone else. We could all do with some of it in our lives.

Thank you all for the lovely reveiews...

26. Chapter 26 - The Best Gift of All by MaryR [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (5074 words)
Thank you so much for the reviews and for liking the Anne Morrow Lindbergh poem. She wasn't the best poet, despite her beautiful prose works, but some of her poems speak to Hilda's situation and there will be more. Her first son was kidnapped and murdered when only tiny.

27. Chapter 27 - A Host of Guardian Angels by MaryR [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (3368 words)
Thanks to those who've been reading and for the very generous reviews from kind and loving people, but, if you haven't read the final part of the last chapter, may I suggest you do so for it reveals the relationship between Hilda and Ellie moving to a whole new level.

28. Chapter 28 - Scared Witless by MaryR [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (2681 words)
Thank you for all the kind reviews. Only another quite short piece today...

29. Chapter 29 - Ellieís Loving Heart by MaryR [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (2475 words)
Thank you, faithful readers, for the loving reviews. This is a very short chapter, leading the way into a much longer one next time...

30. Chapter 30 - A Lesson in Bridge-Building by MaryR [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (6964 words)
I'll expire from curiosity if I don't see what happens in that class soon!

I thought I'd better return fairly soon, Karita, and put you out of your misery. Hilda would hate to be the cause of your demise! *grins* Many thanks to everyone for the comments.

31. Chapter 31 - The Gold of Real Service by MaryR [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (4055 words)
Goodness me! Such a wealth of kind reviews! Thank you so much. I was extremely moved that you all enjoyed that chapter so much.

Ally Bailey asked,"How you do make/let them all dance to a beautiful tune?" and I had to admit that it's nothing to do with me. They all perform their own dance to a tune only they can hear, and kindly allow me to catch some faint glimpse of it all.

Luisa asked if Mary Garth was an import from Middlemarch which is a real compliment - but Mary, along with Meg herself, Jeanne Sarazin, Rita, Claire, Erica and all the others mentioned are all EBD's characters. Only Ellie is my own creation in that chapter.

32. Chapter 32 - The Calm Before the Storm by MaryR [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarstar (2769 words)
Thank you for all the fantastic reviews you've posted during this volume. You've all been so very kind. But this is the last chapter and I will be starting Volume 7 later in the week. Don't forget to favourite that new volume if you want to receive alerts.