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Author's Chapter Notes:

I hope you enjoy the next instalment - i will to finish it in the next couple of days before i go on holiday :-)

Joey was the next to speak.  “You know, I think we should have another bash at the Spell we worked on Jem,” she said thoughtfully.




Bill and Karen looked doubtfully at each other.




Hilda replied, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.  We aren’t actually sure if the original spell has worked yet.  We don’t want to give him a double dose!” she added with a quick grin.




“No I suppose not,” said Joey.




“Has Madge said anything to you about it Joey?” enquired Bill.  The idea for last year’s Bonfire Spell, to turn Dr Jem into a Werewolf, had been her idea.




“Hardly!  She doesn’t know we did it!” retorted Joey.




“But she would have said if she’d noticed anything odd about him, wouldn’t she,” persevered Bill.




“Like excess hairiness?” suggested Karen, helpfully.




“Or trying to bite his patients?” said Hilda.




“Or a sudden aversion to romantic moonlit walks?” added Bill, with a smirk.




“Well yes, I suppose she might,” conceded Joey, “But she’s not mentioned anything yet.  Anyway, it would only become apparent once every full moon & he may be trying to hide it.  If it’s actually worked.” She added.




“But Joey, there was that conference of TB doctors over in England, a couple of months ago” pointed out Karen, “There was a full moon then and the conference did break up rather early under strange circumstances.”




“They weren’t strange circumstances!” scoffed Hilda.  “One of the delegates was injured and had to go home so they postponed the remainder of the conference.”




“But they never said what caused his injury,” Joey pointed out.




“It could have been anything,” agreed Karen.




“Yes, anything,” echoed Bill, meaningfully.




“Well, we’d better leave that spell alone for now, until we’re sure if it worked or not,” said Hilda firmly.  “We don’t want to do him any permanent damage.”




They all went back to thinking of a new Spell idea.  Hilda sipped her nectar, looking in turn at each of the other witches, wondering who would come up with the next idea.




Bill smiled to herself, thinking of Dr Jem as a werewolf.  What if they could do something similar with one of the Mistresses?  Or even Matey?  Bill’s eyes gleamed.




Meanwhile, Karen was staring at one of the kitchen cupboards and wondering if it would be a good idea to suggest having a snack.  She’d just tried out a new Food Spell recipe that week for mince pies and cream that almost made one lose weight.




Joey returned to staring at her cup as she pondered their dilemma.  She recognised most of the faces pictured on it instantly.   One face by the cups handle had caught her attention and she was just peering at it, trying to figure out who it was, when there was a strange sound.



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