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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks for your comments :-) I appreciate them all very much.  I'm sorry I've not updated sooner, I've had a very busy week.

Hope you enjoy Chapter 3...

“I think we should do another Food Spell,” said Bill, “the potion we invented last time is brilliant!”




“Yes, it certainly is!” agreed Joey, wholeheartedly.




“Just think of all the chaos the last one created!” protested Karen, her mind wondering back to when they had developed a special ingredient – a potion that, when added to any cake, biscuit or pudding mix caused the resulting food to be totally fat-free.




“But it was worth it!” exclaimed Joey, “How else would I ever have kept my girlish figure after all those babies?”




Bill nodded agreement.  “Yes, Joey’s right – it was certainly worth it.  Although it did take us almost till Christmas to develop it and we very nearly got caught.”




Hilda put her oar in here: “We must take good care not to get caught this year.  I agree that spell is wonderful.  However I think we need to work on something a little less…destructive this year.”




The four witches all sat back, took another sip of nectar and thought of the state of their kitchen by the time the spell had been completed.  Joey thought of the lime green potion-slime that coated the sea of pots, pans, cauldrons and utensils that had covered the kitchen table for over a month.  Bill thought of the way she had concealed the sounds of muffled explosions coming from the depths of the School.  Her tall tale of practising Science demonstration experiments for use in her lessons had luckily passed muster.




Karen thought of the despair she had felt each time the potions had gone wrong and also of the feeling of unreserved glee when she had finally cracked it!  She also contemplated the various kitchen maids she had tried out each version of the spell potion on, especially Maria, who had gained two stone in weight and Elise, who had grown half a foot taller and turned vaguely blue.  Karen smiled to herself wickedly as she remembered how she’d purposely given some of the failures to Anna.




Hilda thought it was time to get on with the meeting.




“Enough about the Food Spell.  No matter how good it is, we’re not doing another one this year.  We must think of something else.”  She eyed each of the other three witches sternly, in turn.




Joey was next to speak.  “As you know, I’m very appreciative of my Hair Spell,” she said, “it’s very convenient to have really long hair, which, when I give the ends a good yank in the morning, curls itself up into two perfect earphones.  I only have to stick a few hairpins in to look like they’re holding it all up and I’m all ready!”




Bill and Karen agreed it was a useful spell.




“We really couldn’t let you continue to go around as you were, looking like you’d been dragged through a hedge backwards!” laughed Bill.




“Especially when you wanted to try to grow your hair to ankle length,” added Karen.




“It’s certainly growing,” commented Hilda.




“Yes,” agreed Joey, “it’s just past my knees now, but the thing is, and I don’t want you to think I’m at all ungrateful, because I truly am…but…”  Joey paused and looked earnestly around, wary of giving any offence.




“The thing is…I’d rather like a new hairstyle.  Earphones are rather old fashioned, and people are starting to comment on them.  They’re wondering why I don’t experiment with a new style like most girls do,” said Joey.




“That’s a fair point,” said Bill, “But what style do you have in mind?”




“Well I’m not really sure,” confessed Joey.  “I was hoping you could advise me and we could come up with something together.  Something a bit more modern.”




“I thought all the fashionable hairstyles were short these days?” queried Hilda.




Karen agreed, “Yes, very long hair is rather out at the moment.  I’ve got a magazine with lots of hairstyles in though – you could have a look through that and decide what you’d like.”




Joey brightened at this idea.




“Well we don’t have time for all that now.  Maybe next year, Joey.  We need a spell to do this year,” said Hilda, who was starting to get a bit exasperated now.




The four of them took another sip of their drinks and fell silent, all of them deep in thought, fat free food and Joey’s hair forgotten for the moment.



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