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Author's Chapter Notes:
Only short updates at present. I am being reminded how annoying Margot is to write !

Some letters

Dear Reg,

I hope your journey back was ok, and you didn't have too many delays on your way.

I'm writing this just ten minutes after seeing you off at the station. I'm still all smiles at the moment, still feeling so great after your wonderful surprise appearance.

I loved having the time to sit and chat in private. I am so tempted to write to Mamma and Dad and tell them, just say we are getting married, there is nothing they can do about it. But then reality pushes back in, and I know that that will make life unnecessarily hard for both of us, since Dad could well cause you problems with all his contacts. I would like to think that he wouldn't, but I just don't know.

Also, well even if we were officially engaged it wouldn't really mean that I can see you much more. After all I would still be studying and you be working. We might actually see each other less, as I might end up with more supervision.

But I wanted you to know as soon as possible how much better everything seems having seen you. I just feel so much more positive about everything now.

I will stop here, as I wish to get this letter sent as quickly as possible.

I think I may have a weekend free in about a month's time, if you wanted to perhaps meet somewhere?

With all my love,



Drs A.Fothergill & R.Entwhistle
Bamdy End General Practice
Bamdy End

All enquiries to Miss Treetune, secretary to
Drs Fothergill and Entwhistle.

Dearest Margot,

Please forgive me using the practice stationary, but I want to write this to you on the train, and this is all I have available.

I still feel as though I can see you waving at me although we are far away already from where you stood to see me off.

Did you know that your hair glows like fire in the afternoon sun? I have never really understood that sort of description in poems before, but when I looked to find you on the station platform it really was as if you were glowing and your image far brighter than anyone around you. The scientist in me says it must have been the angle of the light hitting the pigments in your hair, but I still don't think that explains it enough.

Your digs do seem nice, I think your landlady was a little suspicious when we arrived - that was a good idea to keep the door open, she would only have been stuck to the other side of it with a glass to her ear otherwise !

I really enjoyed getting to know you a little more, we have had to snatch so many short moments that it still almost feels that we are just starting out together, despite being well past our first anniversary. Can you call it an anniversary if you aren't married? I don't know, but it is still something we perhaps should have celebrated.

I am so much happier now that I have seen you, and can now imagine where you are when I write to you, or telephone you.

I will sign off now, as I have about half an hour to wait for the connecting train at my next stop, so I am going to search for a post box in the hope that you will get this letter soon and know that I was thinking of you.

I am determined now that we need to meet more often, I hope that you feel the same - or rather, that you agree with me that the risk is worth taking.

With Love,



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