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Joey stood in front of the mirror pulling her light green hat on, checking carefully to make sure it was straight. She’d never thought they’d actually do it. Sure Jem had joked about it but she’d never thought it would actually happen...

Chapter 1: Joey 2nd February 1960:

They’d arranged it all themselves, wouldn’t tell anyone what was happening-not even me. Until one Saturday a few months earlier when they all arrived at Freudesheim and declining coffee and cakes had run out into the garden to seek their siblings. Staring after them I shook my head and went back to my proofs.

An hour later what could have been mistaken for a herd of elephants stormed through the house into the study where I was working shrieking and shouting. ‘Mamma, I’m going to be a bridesmaid’, ‘I’m going to be a pageboy, can I have a new suit’ ‘Mamma guess what?’ I looked up from the mass of excited faces to the triplets who had followed more sedately ‘What is going on?’ At once an excited rabble broke out all trying to tell me at once, ‘Enough’ raising my voice to be heard over my offspring, ‘Not another word from any of you, Now Len’ I asked turning to my eldest ‘Will you please explain what is going on?’

Len looked at me, her eyes twinkling. ‘It’s very simple mother, we’re having a triple wedding!

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