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Author's Chapter Notes:
WARNING : Contains spoilers and melodramatic & unlikely storylines.

Character list and Summary for All Change madness.

Have done this as a separate drabble rather than splitting the original All Change into individual smaller stories, which was my initial plan, with this at the end of the last one. Think it is better to leave the big story as it is, and have this like a reference drabble! Otherwise every time I changed something on this it would look like a continuation of All Change.

I do know the storyline of All Change was a bit bananas, even I look back and go eh?? on occasion. Therefore I thought this might be useful if I do mention past situations in the new drabbles, since the characters are often based on other children's stories.

Also it is quite fun writing and reading the summaries I think, reminds me at least of having people giving me the characters that they remembered loving as a child, and the challenge I set myself to fit them all in!

I will be adding to the individual sections by editing, but it will only show up as a story change if I add a new section. Therefore if you don't want spoilers for School of Adventure etc bear that in mind if you read now then come back for a re read later - this will change over time.

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