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Story Notes:
The TV show and Chalet School characters remain the propery of the original creators, no money is made from this.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Eleanore is responsible for this, she distracted me with talk of Kathy and Nancy Subtext, then suddenly shot this plot bunny at me.

It has thoroughly taken over my brain, so to be able to get on with my other drabbles I am giving in to this one. Will add the characters as they enter the house / studio. Hope peoppe enjoy ! I'm sure it will have been done before but hopefully the character mix will be different at least !

Also feeding the bunnies : Vick and Jayj

Welcome everybody to the first episode of Chalet School Big Brother.

This year we have gone for a slight change of style for a special Chalet School Celebrity edition.

All of the contestant this series have been associated one way or another with the famous and fabulous Chalet School, of Austria, Guernsey, Howells, Carnbach and Switzerland.

So unusually for Big Brother, many of them already have some idea about their fellow house mates, whether from being at school at the same time, or from school legend. They have all had to spend weeks blocked in by snow, however they always had their own space to escape to within the school.

How will they cope all together in the house for 10 weeks ?? Who will win the grand prize? YOU decide ...


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