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Author's Chapter Notes:
Here is a bit more to carry the story on a bit. Hope it works ok! Apologies to Kathie fans, but one of the rules on Come Dine with me is that the people are usually pretty awful to each other, usually get drunk and bitch, and really nosy in other people's houses.

Our new guest is a Miss Kathie Ferrars.

Kathie sits on a bed in Jo Maynard's Spare room.

"Have you seen the medicine cabinet in there?" she says, pointing to Jo's bathroom. "Enough tranquilisers to drug a horse. No wonder she seems quite mad a lot of the time."

Kathie unrolls the scroll with Jo's menu on.

"Hmmm... " she says. "Melon fans ala fruit sauce. Not exactly challenging, perhaps she is going to suprise us though, you never know...

Kathie lives at the nearby Private Boarding School. She has ambitous plans for when it is her turn.

"I have been given permission to use the Dommi Sci kitchen" she gushes. " I am just hoping that they have got the smell of sulpher out of it after a little mix up last week!"


Downstairs, the party preparation nearly grinds to a halt when Jo's dog Bruno decides to join in.

"He really is a scamp" says Jo, removing a slice of melon from his mouth, washing it under the tap and placing it back on a plate.

Jo has a tiny panic when she realises that her helpers have not reminded her what she needs to do with the meat for the main course. She smiles and tries not to show the fact that she had been relying on the starter being the only thing she had to make. Now she is going to have to cook her own meal, which doesn't fit in with her plan to do one person tableaux for her guests to guess in between courses. She opens a bottle of wine while she prepares, and is well through it before long.

Meanwhile, emma t and Kathie F are sitting in the Salon, nervous about meeting the fourth host/guest. Since emma t doesn't drink, Kathie is getting stuck into a further bottle of wine with a will, and she seems to be enjoying it.

Finally Jo is able to join them, looking slightky red faced and flustered.

A knock on the door made them all jump.

Who else will be joining this game? They are all in it to win 1000, and of course to have the honour of being the best host or hostess on the platz.

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