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Once upon a time, there was a chalet. There was a school at this chalet, and it was known as the Chalet School.

There was a new girl at the Chalet School. She was very very pretty and very very clever. However, she didn't fit into the Chalet School, where she had no time to read, and all of the other pupils were all very ugly and all very stupid. The new girl had a very unusual name, which was Eustacia.

Eustacia was disliked by the rest of the school, because they were jealous that she was very very pretty and very very clever. So poor Eustacia was forced to be alone.

The worst of the girls was known as Jo, and she was very horrid to poor Eustacia. Jo was very ugly, with dark hair that looked remarkably like a load of snakes, with minds of their own. Jo blamed Eustacia for starting a snowstorm by accidentally tripping over. Robin, a younger girl who hadn't gone with them, was scared for the others as the storm got worse and worse. However, the others were in a hut a little way off.

Robin got ill, and Jo blamed Eustacia for that. Eustacia was very very unhappy here, which the other pupils gloated about.

One day, Eustacia decided to go for a walk. She wanted to get as far away from the Chalet School as she could, and tried to get to the airport to fly, fly, fly far, far away.

However, she couldn't, for it started to rain really, really hard, and, when she tried to find shelter, she hurt herself really, really badly, and had to go really, really high up to avoid the ever-growing waters below.

After a long, long time, a man appeared. Eustacia, who was feeling very very grotty after being in the rain for a long time, looked at the handsome figure, and fell in love with him.

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