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Story Notes:
This was inspired by a bit of yibble from Eleanore about a possible crossover (this is NOT that, though it would be interesting to see what Supernanny would think of the situation ... ) and some general yibble with Eleanore, Vick and Jayj about Sex Ed.

I think someone in the Gay Children's Author thread might also be partly to blame as well, I remember someone saying their sister explained it all when they were 4 and they told their sister not to be so silly? If t'was you then do claim your share of evil curses for helping keep me up at silly hours of the night writing silly drablets! :-D

Author owns, no money etc etc.
Daisy looked at her watch. She had some time before she needed to leave, and she had barely seen the Triplets recently.

She headed up the stairs to the nursery, and was bombarded by three little bodies almost as soon as she came in the door.

"Daisy ! Daisy, come an' pway wiv the Maison de Poupees wiv me, pwease do" said Margot.

"Daisy, I drewed some pictures, come see" said Len, pulling her to the little table.

Con just held her hand and smiled up at her. Daisy gently ruffled the quietest triplets hair and went over to Len's picture.

"Well done Len, what have you drawn?" she said, frowning at the scribbles of colour and trying to work out what she was looking at.

"Its all of us, look there's Con an Margot, an you, an Steve, an Aunty Robin. And Mamma and Papa."

Daisy smiled initially, then frowned in concentration as she tried to work out the picture pointed out as being Jack and Joey.

"What are Mamma and Papa doing, Len?" she asked, trying to avoid the niggling thought that the pictures brought up.

"They are busy" said Len composedly, adding more pink to the picture of her parents. " That's what they look like when they are busy."

Daisy resisted the urge to giggle. She hadn't been around much recently, but she did know that Jack and Joey were trying for another baby, and she had a sneaking suspicion what "busy" might mean.

"When have you seen Mamma and Papa being... busy?" she asked the little girl, trying to keep her tone as casual as she could.

"Lots" said Len composedly, starting to draw in some background behind Jack and Joey's figures.

Daisy had to ask, as the picture began to take more shape. 

"Where are Mamma and Papa being... busy, Len?" she enquired as casually as she could. 

"Can't you see?" Len replied. "Look, there's the fire, an' there's the window. They are being busy on the dwawing woom floor of course"

Daisy shook with laughter as she congratulated Len on the picture and suggested she show it to Mamma and Papa later.

She then headed over to the dolls house, barely restraining her giggles. She looked in at the house, which was very well furnished, and had a fully fitted out main bedroom.

Margot had one of her doll's in one hand in a sitting position and the other lying on the bed. Margot was happily bouncing the doll on top of the other, saying "Oh, Oh, Oh" in a high pitched voice.

Daisy watched for a moment, hoping she was wrong in what she was seeing. After all her thoughts could just be running that way due to Len's picture. 

She had to admit to herself that this probably wasn't her imagination as Margot started moving the doll faster and faster and making deeper groans for the doll that was lying down.

"Er... Margot?" she said tentatively. "What are you doing with your dolls?"

"They are very busy" said Margot absently, as she carried on the movements.

"Ah" said Daisy, unwilling to probe further, but getting a reasonable picture of what Margot might have seen. "Shall we perhaps let them have a rest and maybe play something else for a bit?"

Margot agreed, and Len and Con joined in a very active game of chase, which allowed Daisy a valid reason to collapse into giggles, which happened every time she thought of how seriously the little girls had described Mamma and Papa being "busy".

Finally they all collapsed in a heap on the floor and decided to go back to quieter games. This time Daisy played at Tea Parties with Con and her stuffed toys. On a whim, Daisy asked Con casually what being busy meant to her. Without hesitation, Con placed one bear in a chair and the other arranged on the first bear's lap.

"Mamma and Papa were busy like this" she said seriously. Daisy was then floored by the next statement. "But they bwoke the chair in Mamma's study, and Papa said a naughty word. I fink he was hurted a bit when it bwoke."

Daisy had reached her limit and bade the girls a hasty goodbye before escaping to the hallway where she let herself laugh for several minutes, clutching the bannister as she did so to keep herself upright.

Joey heard the sound and came to see what was going on. At the sight of her, Daisy went bright red and began to laugh even harder.

"What is going on Daisy?" said Joey.

Daisy didn't want to explain, so gradually got her features under control.

"Nothing." she spluttered eventually. " Just some things the Trips said"

Joey looked at her suspiciously, but realised Daisy wasn't going to say more.

" Thank you for playing with them" She said. "I haven't had a chance to spend much time with them today. We have been busy
in the kitchen all morning."

This statement, so soon after the others was too much for Daisy, and she said a garbled goodbye, and cycled off rapidly, in tears of laughter.

It obviously had been a very busy time in the Maynard house, she thought. 

The end.

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